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Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico, Georgia O'Keefe, 1930

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Exchanges 8, Page 2

A: I like to go swimming.
B: Why?
A: It’s good exercise.
B: I like to play cards.
A: For exercise?
B: No. For relaxation.

A: Do you have time to drink coffee?
B: No, I don’t. I’m in a hurry.
A: What do you have to do?
B: I have to see my doctor.
A: What’s wrong?
B: Nothing. I need a check up.

A: Do you need to take a break?
B: Yes, I need to get some fresh air.
A: Are you going for a walk?
B: Yes.
A: That’s a good idea.
B: I’ll be back soon.

A: Jack needs to get a haircut.
B: Yes, his mother wants him to.
A: She’s right. His hair is too long.
B: He doesn’t like to get a haircut.
A: Why not?
B: The barber sometimes cuts his ear.

A: I’m going to see a good movie.
B: What movie are you going to see?
A: I’m going to see “The Big Top.”
B: What’s it about?
A: It’s about a circus.
B: I’m going to study history.

A: We have to eat at a restaurant.
B: How come?
A: Our electricity is off.
B: Oh, no!
A: Yes.
B: I wanted to eat turkey at home.

A: We have to stay home tonight.
B: Why?
A: We have to plant our new flowers.
B: Oh, no.
A: Yes.
B: I wanted to drive in the country.

A: Jeff couldn’t see the apartment.
B: Sorry to hear that.
A: He had to work yesterday.
B: He wants to see it soon.
A: He can see it tomorrow.
B: Good.
A: Do you want to work part time?
B: No, full time.
A: Where do you want to work?
B: In a hotel.
A: Do you have any experience?
B: Yes, I do. Three years.

A: We’ll try to help you.
B: Thanks.
A: Please, fill out this form.
B: I need to ask a question.
A: Go ahead.
B: What is the average salary for this job?
A: $30,000.

A: What does a cook’s helper have to do?
B: She has to chop vegetables.
A: What else?
B: She has to clean the kitchen.
A: I forgot to clean the pots.
B: That’s okay. You’re new here.

A: I forgot to clean the floor.
B: That’s okay.
A: I forgot to wash the dishes.
B: No problem.
A: I forgot to take out the garbage.
B: Try to remember next time.

A: Do you have experience?
B: I used to be an office clerk.
A: Good.
B: I used to run errands.
A: What errands?
B: I used to deliver messages.

A: What else?
B: I had to file papers.
A: I understand.
B: I had to take phone calls.
A: Did you have to clean the office?
B: Yes, I did.

A: I’m broke.
B: So, what are you going to do?
A: I’m going to call our uncle.
B: What do you expect him to do?
A: Send me money.
B: I’m broke, too.

Exchanges 8, Page 1 - Helping Verb + Infinitive

A:I like to cook.
B: Why?
A:I know how to cook very well..
B: What’s your best dish?
A: Lemon chicken.
B: I prefer to eat turkey.

A: I like to go fishing.
B: Why?
A: I like to catch big ones.
B: I like to go shopping.
A: I know you do.
B: How do you know?

A: You like to wear new clothes.
B: That’s true.
A: Do you want to try on my blouse?
B: Why?
A: I bought it, but it’s too small.
B: It’s a pretty blouse.

A: I can’t come to school today.
B: Why not?
A: I have to work.
B: Can your brother come?
A: No. He has to work also.
B: I’ll see you tomorrow.

A: Judy doesn’t have to wash the dishes.
B: Why not?
A: She has a dishwasher.
B: She doesn’t like to wash dishes.
A: She loves her dishwasher.
B: But, she has to sweep the floor.

A: Do you like to play soccer?
B: I like to play soccer a lot.
A: How about your son?
B: He likes to play soccer, too.
A: Let’s play soccer tomorrow.
B: Great idea. I’ll tell my son.

A: Do you want to come over?
B: What time?
A: Around seven o'clock.
B: Sure. What do you want to do?
A: I’d like to listen to music.
B: Okay.

A: Sally wants to change jobs.
B: Why?
A: She doesn’t want to work nights.
B: Jack wants to change jobs too.
A: Why?
B: He doesn’t want to work on weekends.

A: We don’t like to drive on 101.
B: I understand.
A: We hate to drive fast.
B: You have to drive fast on 101.
A: We don’t like to drive downtown.
B: Why not?
A: We don’t like to stop at red lights.

A: My wife wants me to build a fence.
B: Do you want me to help you?
A: Yes, I’d like that.
B: Sure, I’m glad to help you.
A: I don’t know how to do that.
B: I can teach you how.

A: Does your sister want to go to the party with me?
B: I don’t know.
A: You don’t?
B: You should ask her yourself.
A: I don’t want to ask her.
B: Come on. Don’t be so shy.

A: Your brother likes to dance.
B: Yes. He’s a good dancer.
A: Does he want to dance with me?
B: I don’t know. Should I ask him?
A: No, I don’t want you to ask him.
B: Are you going to ask him?

A: Steve doesn’t like to clean his room.
B: That’s too bad.
A: I always ask him to clean it.
B: Why doesn’t he do it?
A: He says he doesn’t have time.
B: I don’t believe it.

A: Judy wants to have a baby.
B: Does Jim want one, too?
A: Yes, he does.
B: Do they want a boy or a girl?
A: It doesn’t matter.
B: I hope they have one soon.

A: Sylvia can’t go to the party.
B: Why not?
A: She has to study tonight.
B: Can she go next week?
A: She doesn’t know yet.
B: She doesn’t?
A: She might have to study for another exam.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exchanges 7, Page 3

A: We’ll visit San Francisco next month.
B: What will you do here?
A: We’ll go sight seeing.
B: What will you see.
A: Could you help me decide?
B: Sure I could.

A: You should see Golden Gate Bridge.
B: Yes. We’ll take lots of photos.
A: You should see Mission Dolores.
B: Can we get around by bus?
A: Yes, you can. It’s easy.
B: Can you give me more ideas?

A: You should walk a lot here.
B: Can we walk everywhere?
A: Yes, it’s a good city for walking.
B: But can we walk up those hills?
A: Yes, you can. It’s good exercise.
B: We must buy good shoes.

A: You must go to the zoo.
B: How can I get there?
A: You can take the L Street Car.
B: I’m afraid I might get lost.
A: Don’t worry. You won’t get lost.
B: I should buy a map.

A: You should visit the Oakland Museum.
B: I can’t. It’s outside the city.
A: You can take BART to Oakland.
B: Could you show me how?
A: Yes. It’s not difficult.
B: We won’t rent a car.

A: Can I talk to the manager?
B: I’m the manager.
A: Are you hiring now?
B: Can you make sandwiches?
A: Yes, I can.
B: Okay. You must fill out the application.

A: Can I speak with Maria?
B: I’m Maria.
A: Can you use a housekeeper?
B: Yes. Can you clean rooms?
A: Yes, I can clean them very well.
B: You must supply references.

A: Is the secretary job still open?
B: Yes, it is. Can you type?
A: Yes, I can type 30 words per minute.
B: Can you handle a computer?
A: Yes, I can.
B: You can start on Monday.

A: Can I have an interview?
B: Can you come in on Tuesday?
A: I can come on Tuesday morning.
B: Can we talk to you at 10 am?
A: That’s fine with me.
B: We’ll see you then.

A: Can you use a copy machine?
B: No, I can’t.
A: We can teach you how.
B: I’m sure I can learn quickly.
A: You mustn’t smoke here.
B: That’s okay. I don’t smoke.

A: May I take the day off tomorrow?
B: Why?
A: I must take my husband to the hospital.
B: Yes. You can have the day off.
A: I’ll come back on Wednesday.
B: No problem.

A: May I please leave at 4 today?
B: At four o’clock?
A: Yes. I must see the doctor.
B: Can you come in at 8 am tomorrow?
A: Yes, I can.
B: Good. I’ll be here then too.

A: Can I help you clean your yard?
B: No, thanks. I can clean it myself.
A: Can I ask you a question?
B: Sure.
A: Can I park my car here?
B: Sure you can.

A: Can you help me move these chairs?
B: Sure. I can help you.
A: Can I ask you a question?
B: Yes, you can.
A: Can I leave my bicycle here?
B: You must ask the boss.

A: Could I ask you a favor?
B: Sure.
A: Could you lend me a hammer?
B: All right.
A: I’ll return it tomorrow.
B: I’ll see you then.

Exchanges 7, Page 2

Frederick Carl Frieseke, "On The River", 1909

A: I can play soccer.
B: I know you can. You’re good.
A: I can take Jose’s place.
B: But, Jose is very fast.
A: I can be as fast as Jose.
B: Can you kick far?

A: I can kick the ball very far.
B: You couldn’t play last week.
A: No, I couldn’t.
B: Can you play this Saturday?
A: Yes, I can play all day.
B: Jose can’t play this Saturday.

A: Will the soup be ready soon?
B: Yes. In a few minutes.
A: I’m starved.
B: Would you set the table please?
A: Okay.
B: That would help.

A: Will you be on time tomorrow?
B: Yes, I’m sure I will.
A: Will your brother be here?
B: I won’t know until tonight.
A: When will you call me?
B: I’ll call you at eight.

A: I can fix American cars.
B: Can you fix foreign cars, too?
A: Yes, all makes.
B: Can you work every day?
A: Except Sunday.
B: Good. I can use a mechanic.

A: Will Jose marry Patricia?
B: He might marry her.
A: Or, he might not marry her.
B: Will she attend college next year?
A: I’m sure she will.
B: She might meet a different guy.

A: Will Jose wear his new shirt today?
B: No, he won’t wear it.
A: Why won’t he wear it?
B: He can’t find it.
A: It’s in the bottom drawer.
B: Oh.

A: Will Jose and Patty get married?
B: They probably will.
A: Maybe they won’t.
B: They’ll attend college first.
A: When will they graduate?
B: In four years.

A: Will it be cold tomorrow?
B: Yes, it will.
A: Will you go to the park?
B: Probably not.
A: I won’t go there either.
B: I’ll stay home and clean house.

A: Tom shouldn’t go out.
B: Why shouldn’t he go out?
A: He should rest in bed.
B: Is he sick?
A: Yes. He should drink liquids.
B: He should stay warm.

A: You should plant more flowers.
B: No, I should plant vegetables.
A: Flowers are prettier.
B: But you can’t eat flowers.
A: You can buy vegetables.
B: Why? Garden vegetables are fresher.

A: You should go out with Mary.
B: I don’t like Mary.
A: Who will you go out with?
B: I’ll go out with Judy.
A: Do you like Judy?
B: Yes, I do. She’s wonderful.

A: Should I study French?
B: Are you going to France?
A: Yes, I am.
B: Then, you should learn French.
A: Is it difficult?
B: Not if you practice.

A: Sam must leave early.
B: Why?
A: He must be at work at 1:00 pm.
B: Must he take the bus?
A: Yes. his work is in Daly City.
B: He must be on time.
A: Right. He must not be late.

A: Susan isn’t here.
B: She must be sick.
A: She might be waiting for the bus.
B: She might call soon.
A: I hope that she calls.
B: I’m a little worried about her.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 7, Page 1 - Modal + Base Form

A: What’ll you name the baby?
B: We might name her Mary.
A: That’s a nice name.
B: We might name her Judy.
A: That’s a nice name, too.
B: We really can’t decide.

A: Where will you go for vacation?
B: We might go to Paris.
A: That’s a great city.
B: Or we might go to Canada.
A: That’s a great country.
B: We really can’’t decide.

A: What’s your son going to do after high school?
B: He might be a plumber.
A: That’s a good job.
B: He might be an electrician.
A: That’s a good field, too.
B: He really can’t decide.

A: Where’s Maria?
B: She’s not here.
A: She’s always here.
B: She must be sick.
A: She’s not sick. She’s never sick.
B: Then, she must be stuck in traffic.

A: Can Tom go out to lunch?
B: No, he can’t.
A: Why can’t he go to lunch?
B: He must go to the doctor.
A: The doctor? Is he sick?
B: No. He must get a physical.

A: We’ll rent a car.
B: Is it expensive?
A: No, because we’ll share the cost.
B: Good idea.
A: We’ll each pay half.
B: We can use my credit card.

A: Why can’t Julie finish the kitchen?
B: She must stop work at five.
A: When can she finish it?
B: She can finish it tomorrow.
A: How long can she work?
B: She can work eight hours tomorrow.

A: I’ll call you.
B: When will you call me?
A: When I arrive in the city.
B: I’ll wait for your call.
A: I won’t be at the bus station.
B: Why not?

A: I won’t take the bus.
B: How will you get here?
A: I’ll come by train.
B: You’ll be at the train station.
A: Yes.
B: I’ll meet you there.

A: Will I meet your family?
B: No. They won’t be here this week.
A: When can I meet them?
B: Next week.
A: I can’t meet them next week.
B: Why not?
A: I must be in New York next week.

A: Can you help me?
B: Sure, I can.
A: Can you help me lift this car?
B: No, I can’t lift it.
A: Why not?
B: It’s much too heavy.

A: Can you help me push it?
B: Sure. I can push it.
A: Can you push it uphill?
B: No way. I can’t push it uphill.
A: I must push it uphill.
B: You need a tow truck.

A: I can’t find the hospital.
B: Why not?
A: I don’t know the city.
B: You can borrow my map.
A: Thanks.
B: You can see it right here.

A: I can’t meet you tomorrow.
B: Why not?
A: I have an appointment.
B: Can you meet me on Tuesday?
A: Not sure.I might have to work.
B: I’ll call you tonight.

A: Can’t you find your keys?
B: No, I can’t.
A: I can lend you mine.
B: Thank you.
A: Can you return them tomorrow?
B: Sure, I can.

Exchanges 6, Page 3 - Simple Past Tense Continued

New York City

A: Did you go on a trip last summer?
B: Yes, we did.
A: Where did you go?
B: We went to New York.
A: Did you travel by plane?
B: No, we drove our car.

A: Did it take very long?
B: Yes. It took five days.
A: Did you stay at campgrounds?
B: No, we didn’t.
A: Oh, so you stayed at motels.
B: That’s right.

A: Did you have good weather?
B: It was beautiful.
A: It didn’t rain?
B: It rained a couple of times.
A: Oh, but you had umbrellas.
B: And raincoats.

A: Did you have expensive food?
B: No, we ate at cheap restaurants.
A: Did you have an upset stomach?
B: Once or twice.
A: What did you take for it?
B: Pepto Bismol.

A: Did you speak English?
B: Of course.
A: Did everybody understand you?
B: Some people asked me to repeat.
A: Did you ask them to repeat?
B: Excuse me. Could you repeat that?

A: Did you take photos?
B: Yes, we took about fifty.
A: Fifty photos?
B: We took pictures of New York.
A: Did you take pictures of other places?
B: We took pictures of each other.

A: What about souvenirs?
B: No, no souvenirs.
A: How come?
B: I hated the souvenirs.
A: How come?
B: Only tourists bought them.

A: Did you swim in the Atlantic?
B: No, we didn’t.
A: You didn’t? Why not?
B: There were too many sharks.
A: What did you do instead?
B: We went fishing.

A: Did you see the Statue of Liberty?
B: No, we didn’t.
A: You didn’t? Why not?
B: We were too busy.
A: What did you see?
B: We saw all of our relatives.

A: How did you get around the city?
B: We traveled by subway.
A: Was it crowded?
B: It was crowded at rush hour.
A: Did you take the taxi?
B: No. Too expensive.

A: I didn’t receive a post card.
B: We sent you one.
A: Why didn’t I receive it?
B: Maybe we had the wrong address.
A: That’s possible. I moved.
B: You didn’t tell us.

A: What did write about?
B: We wrote about New York.
A: Was it a picture post card?
B: Yes. Central Park.
A: Did you go there?
B: Yes, we had a picnic there.

A: Did you meet a lot New Yorkers?
B: Yes, we did.
A: Were they nice?
B: Nice but very busy.
A: No time to talk?
B: Excuse me. I’m late for work.

A: Did you drive home?
B: No, we came home by plane.
A: What did you do with the car?
B: We sold the car.
A: Who bought it?
B: My cousin bought it.

A: Did you enjoy your trip?
B: We enjoyed it very much.
A: What did you enjoy most?
B: The shows.
A: Oh, you went to shows?
B: We saw two musicals.

Exchanges 6, Page 1

Exchanges 6, Page 2