Friday, July 17, 2009

A Comic Feast

"Theater You Can Eat"

Four short plays about food

Written by

John Robinson

The plays will be presented by The People's Theater at Pena Pachamama, an award winning Bolivian Restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco. Pena Pachamama is located at 1630 Powell Street, between Union and Green streets, near Washington Square.

The plays open on Friday, July 31, and run until Sunday, September 6th.

Performances are:

Friday and Sunday nights only.

Friday Nights at 7 pm, with meals served beginning at 6 pm.

Sunday Nights at 5:30 pm, with meals served beginning at 5 pm.

The plays are:

"Wake Up Cup"

"The Toss Up"



Tickets are $39.00 with dinner and performance, $19.00 with tapas and performance.

"Theater You Can Eat"; performed by Mary Knoll, Traecy Corrigan, Tim Hendrixon, and John Patrick Moore; directed by Jim Reese.

call 415-259-1263 for reservations.
Or email

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"Wake Up Cup"

Angie: Mary Knoll
Eve: Traecy Corrigan
Steve: John Patrick Moore
Jason: Tim Hendrixon

What if your morning coffee fix doesn’t happen because there’s a power outage? And to make matters worse, without coffee, you have to deal with next door neighbors who drive you crazy? This tale delves into the relationship between coffee and societal quagmires and arrives at some startling conclusions.

"The Toss Up"

Lola: Mary Knoll
Manfred: Tim Hendrixon
Les: John Patrick Moore
Elena: Traecy Corrigan

The Toss Up - The annual “Rabbit’s Palate Salad Contest” pits Chef Lola’s creation against the hot Brazilians who use exotic ingredients and the Hawaiians who are the team to beat. But Lola’s secret weapon may lie in her romantic past. Who can predict the outcome?


Ann Prescott: Mary Knoll
Wallace Prescott: Tim Hendrixon

Ceviche - Two tourists just down from Machu Picchu in Peru finish their trek in a Cevicheria to partake of this typical Peruvian appetizer. The citrus based marinade denatures the protein in the seafood which in effect “cooks” the fish. The inspiration the diners derive from their meal causes unexpected shifts in their relationship.


Leticia Simpson: Traecy Corrigan
George Roarke: Tim Hendrixon
Ronny Taragon: John Patrick Moore

Chocolate - Dessert is certainly a delicious final act in the drama of dinner. One often doesn’t leave room for it, but somehow the lure of the sweetness gets the appetite juices flowing again in a different key. The secretary of a noted art department can’t get enough of the sweet sweetness milk chocolate affords. She nibbles on bon bons throughout the day to the chagrin of the head of the department who relies on her for just about everything. What remedy except a romantic one can undo her addiction?