Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grammartalk 11, Page Two - First Conditional

"Still Life - Fast Moving" Salvador Dali, 1956

A: If my roof leaks, who should I call?
B: You should call the landlord if your roof leaks.
A: If there’s a gas leak, who can I call?
B: In that case, call P.G. and E. They’ll fix it.
A: Who should I notify if there’s an emergency in the building?
B: If there’s an emergency, you should call 911 right away.

A: What do I need if I want to fix the sink myself?
B: You’ll need a good plumber’s wrench.
A: If I don’t have one, where can I purchase one?
B: You can buy one at Home Depot.
A: If I want to make my own clothes, what will I need?
B: If you make your own clothes, you’ll need a good sewing machine.

A: If I have time on Saturday, I’ll visit my parents.
B: If you visit them, they’ll be very happy.
A: I’ll bring some groceries if I visit them.
B: If you go to their house, they’ll make a big dinner for you.
A: If I don’t have time this Saturday, I’ll go there next weekend.
B: They’ll be glad whenever you can visit them.

A: Should Yu Lee go to school today?
B: No. If Yu Lee goes to school today, he might give his cold to the other children.
A: If he stays home, I’m afraid he’ll be very bored.
B: Don’t let him watch television even if he wants to.
A: If he doesn’t watch TV, what can he do?
B: If he has energy, he should study his books.

A: Do you think Mary should quit her job?
B: If she doesn’t like it, she should talk to her boss.
A: Why shouldn’t she just quit?
B: If she quits, she might have trouble finding another job.
A: If she has trouble finding a job, she can go to an employment agency.
B: Yes, if there aren’t too many people looking for work, she might find a good job.

A: Do you think I should marry Steven?
B: If you marry him, you might have to support him.
A: If I have to support him, we won’t be able to have children.
B: If you marry him, you might regret it for a long time.
A: But if I really love him, I should marry him, don’t you agree?
B: I don’t know. Love isn’t everything. You should really think about it.

A: Do you think BART will be very crowded today?
B: I hope not. If it’s crowded, we’ll have to stand.
A: If we have to stand, we’ll be tired when we get to work.
B: You’re right. I hope Bart isn’t too crowded today.
A: Do you think BART is running today? I don’t see a train.
B: My God. If there’s an accident, the train won’t

A: Do you think the landlord will raise the rent?
B: I hope not. If he raises the rent, I won’t be able to pay it.
A: If we aren’t able to pay it, we’ll have to move.
B: If we have to move, we must look for another place.
A: If we’re looking for another place, we won’t have time for anything else.
B: I really hope the landlord doesn’t raise the rent.

A: Do you think the teacher will give us a test tomorrow?
B: I hope not. If she gives us a test, we won’t do well.
A: If we don’t do well, our parents will be upset.
B: If my parents are upset, they’ll ground me.
A: If they ground you, you won’t be able to play.
B: I really hope the teacher doesn’t give us a test.

A: What did Patricia wish for when she blew out the candles on her birthday cake?
B: She hopes to get a raise in her new job.
A: if she gets a raise, she can go on vacation.
B: She can buy clothes if she makes more money.
A: If she gets a raise, she can eat at restaurants.
B: She’ll have to get married unless she gets a raise.

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