Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grammartalk 10, Page Two - Passive Voice

"Old Battersea Beach" James Whistler, 1863

A: Should I send the packages now?
B: No, that’s O.K. They’ve already been sent.
A: I want to help. Should I sweep the porch?
B: No, don’t worry. It’s already been swept.
A: At least let me help you pay the bills.
B: No problem. They’ve already been paid.

A: Have Bob’s birthday presents been wrapped yet?
B: Yes, they’ve already been wrapped.
A: Has the birthday cake been bought yet?
B: Yes, it’s already been bought.
A: Has it been decorated yet?
B: Yes, it’s already been decorated, and all
the invitations have been sent.

A: How have all the patients been so far?
B: There haven’t been any problems, Doctor.
A: Has Mr. Nelson’s blood pressure been taken?
B: Yes, and it’s lower than yesterday.
A: Has Mrs. Blue been given her medicine?
B: Yes, and she’ll be given her second dose in an

A: Has June been told about her operation?
B: Yes, everything has been explained to her.
A: Is Mr. Warren ready to leave the hospital?
B: He’s already been sent home.
A: I wasn’t informed. Someone should have told me.
B: Mr. Warren was happy to go home.

A: Can we leave soon? It’s been a long day.
B: Yes, all the beds have been made.
A: Has the laundry been put away yet?
B: Yes, and all the dishes have been done.
A: But has the garbage been taken out yet?
B: Oh, no. The garbage hasn’t been taken out yet. I’ll do it right away.

A: When will the students be given an exam?
B: They will be given an exam next week.
A: When will they be told their results?
B: They’ll be told their results the following week.
A: When will they be registered for next semester?
B: They’ll be registered in May.

A: An important meeting will be held next month. Will you be there?
B: Of course. What subject will be discussed?
A: We’ll discuss the problem of drugs in our community.
B: Will any law officers be invited?
A: Yes, we’re inviting several police officers.
B: The drug dealers must be arrested or we’re going to have more problems.

A: Your back should be seen by a specialist.
B: Yes, my back is giving me a lot problems.
A: You should be given a list of exercises.
B: Yes, I want to be treated by a good physical therapist.
A: An antiinflammatory medicine should be prescribed for you.
B: Yes, my pain has to be reduced or I can’t work very effectively.

A: I had my house painted last week.
B: Did you have your broken windows repaired?
A: Yes, and I got my sink installed finally.
B: Have you had your carpets cleaned yet?
A: No, I got them all replaced. The stains wouldn’t come out.
B: I heard your car was towed away last week.
A: Yes, and it’s really a shame. I was charged an arm and a leg to get it back.

A: Sorry. Your car can’t be repaired. It’s too old.
B: But, it has to be repaired. I need it.
A: No, there are several parts that can’t be replaced.
B: What do you mean, they can’t be replaced?
A: The carburetor for this car can’t be found anywhere.
B: You mean, parts can’t be located for a 1936 Ford?


  1. This is the best conversations been heard by me! I'm looking forward to practice sentences into passive voice daily so that my vocabulary get expand so that I could give a big impact on people being a good vocabulary knower!


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