Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grammartalk 12, Page One, Two-Word Verbs

"An Artist's Room" Kapiton Zelentsov, 1890

Two-Word Verbs, also called "Phrasal Verb", Separable and Inseparable:

A: When are you going to fill out those job applications?
B: I’ll fill them out tomorrow.
A: You should do this one over. There are several mistakes.
B: All right. I’ll do it over now.
A: When will you hand them in to the employers?
B: I don’t have to hand them in until next week.

A: When do you drop off your children?
B: I drop them off at 8:00 am every morning.
A: When do you pick them up?
B: I pick them up at 3:45 pm every afternoon.
A: Do your children get along with their classmates
and teachers?
B: Yes, they do. I’m glad I didn’t take them out of that school.

A: Have you heard from Bob recently?
B: No, he hasn’t called me up in a long time.
A: Someone told me he moved out of his apartment.
B: Did you look up his new phone number?
A: I tried to look it up, but it wasn’t listed.
B: I hope we hear from him soon.

A: I have to throw out these old newspapers.
B: Yes, you should throw them out right away.
A: I also need to take back my library books.
B: Yes, they’re due. You ought to take them back now.
A: I’m giving back those tools I borrowed.
B: Yes, thank you for giving them back. I need them.

A: I ran into Sally yesterday afternoon.
B: Oh, really? Where did you run into her?
A: On Mission Street. She was getting off the bus.
B: What were you doing? Getting on the bus?
A: No, I was getting out of my car.
B: I should call on Sally sometime. I like Sally.

A: Our neighbors won’t turn down their stereo.
B: I know. It’s very annoying. Why won’t they turn it down?
A: Actually, I think they just turned it up. It’s louder.
B: It’s after 11:00. They really should turn it off.
A: I’m going to call them now and tell them off.
B: Don’t. They’re big guys. They might beat us up.

A: Put on your sweater. It’s very cold.
B: I don’t want to put it on. I don’t feel that cold.
A: I don’t know why you took it off.
B: I took it off because it’s worn out.
A: How did you wear out your sweater? Did you work out in it?
B: Check out these sleeves. You see these holes?

A: Where can I hang up my hat and coat?
B: You can hang them up in the closet next to mine.
A: Where should I put away these tools?
B: Put them away in the plastic box in the basement.
A: Should I throw out these old magazines?
B: Yes, but don’t put them in the garbage. Recycle them.

A: I forgot to write down Mrs. Parker’s phone number.
B: You can look it up in the phone book.
A: She offered me a job last week. I thought it over.
B: What did you decide?
A: It’s definitely better than my current job.
B: Take the phone book out of the drawer now and call her up.

A: We used up all of our toothpaste.
B: I didn’t know we used it all up.
A: That’s okay. I never cared for that toothpaste.
B: Let’s go to the drugstore and pick out a different flavor.
A: Did you know that they ran out of my favorite toothpaste?
B: I didn’t know they ran out of it. Why bring up the subject of toothpaste now? We have more important things to think about.

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