Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grammartalk 12, Page Two - Two-Word Verbs

"The Child's Caress" Mary Cassatt, 1890

A: I can’t figure out this telephone bill.
B: Why can’t you figure it out?
A: There are some calls to out of state numbers.
B: I never called anyone out of state.
A: We need to get in touch with the phone company.
B: Yes, but can’t we put this off until tomorrow?

A: I’d like to try on those shoes. I wear size 8.
B: Sure. You can try them on. How do they fit?
A: They don’t feel right. You can bring them back where you got them.
B: I’ll put them back, but you have to take them off first.
A: I’d like to look through these shirts first.
B: All right, but don’t forget to give back those shoes.

A: I’ve decided to give up smoking.
B: It’s a good idea to give up that habit.
A: I didn’t use up all these cigarettes.
B: No problem. You can just throw them away.
A: I’m going to find out what kind of damage smoking can cause.
B: There’s a lot of information about that in the library.

A: The party is over. It’s time to take down the decorations.
B: Some of them are on the ceiling. We’ll need the ladder.
A: I’ll take the ladder out of the closet and bring it here.
B: Where should we put these decorations away?
A: You can put them away in these plastic container.
B: This lantern is torn. We might as well throw it out.

A: Doris, nice of you to drop by. Come in and have some tea.
B: I was in the neighborhood and decided to drop in.
A: I’m glad you did. Give me your jacket. I’ll hang it up.
B: Can I put down these shopping bags somewhere?
A: Sure. Put them down by the front door.
B: I wanted to invite you to come over next Friday night if you have time.

A: May I take back the shoes I bought last week?
B: Sure. Just bring them back within ten days of your purchase.
A: I picked them up about a week ago.
B: Good. Bring them in, and we’ll give you your money back.
A: I’d like to try on another pair.
B: That’s fine. You might be able to pick out
something you like better.

A: Did you hear? The Parkers called off their
daughter’s wedding.
B: Why what happened?
A: You didn’t know? The groom got cold feet.
B: What does that mean, “He got cold feet?”
A: He decided not to go through with the wedding.
B: I’m really sorry the wedding was called off.

A: You’ll never guess who I ran into yesterday.
B: I can’t possibly guess. You’ll have to tell me.
A: I ran into my old college professor, Dr. Hernandez.
B: Oh, that’s wonderful. I really look up to her. She helped me a lot in college.
A: She wasn’t feeling too well. She had a little cold.
B: A cold? I certainly hope she gets over it soon.

A: Timmy doesn’t get along with his sister very well.
B: Oh, really? Why doesn’t he get along with her?
A: She picks on him too much. He can’t stand it.
B: What are their parents doing about the problem?
A: They’re looking through some books on child rearing.
B: I’m sure those kids will grow out of it. It’s just a stage.

A: The teacher says I have to do over my homework.
B: Do it over? That’s going to take a lot out of you.
A: Yes, it is. She crossed out several mistakes.
B: I would help you, but I have a slight headache.
A: I thought you said you got over it yesterday.
B: I did get over it. But, then it came back last night.
I’d better take the rest of the day off.

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