Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grammartalk 13, Page One, Past Perfect Tense

Mission Dolores and San Francisco de Asis

A: How come you didn't go to the movie last weekend?
B: We didn't want to. We had just gone to a movie the weekend before.
A: How was it?
B: It was very interesting. I had never seen a science fiction movie before.
A: Did you get to the theater on time?
B: No. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the theater, the movie had already begun.

A: Why didn't Maria want to take a Level 6 English Class last semester?
B: Because she had taken a Level 6 English Class the semester before.
A: Had she completely finished the textbook?
B: Yes, and she had memorized most of the conversations.
A: But I heard she didn't pass the final exam.
B: That's right. By the time she got to the exam, it had already started.

A: You were in Level 7 last semester, weren't you?
B: Yes, but I had never studied English in a language lab before.
A: Sylvia has lived in San Francisco for several years, hasn't she?
B: Yes, she has. But there are a lot of places she's never visited.
A: She visited Mission Dolores last week, didn't she?
B: Yes, she did. And she had never visited Mission Dolores before.

A: Did Mr. Burns enjoy the dinner party last night?
B: Yes, he did. He hadn't been to a dinner party in a long time.
A: He's usually late for parties. Was he on time last night?
B: No, as usual, he was about a half hour late. By the time he got to the dinner party, most of the food had already been eaten.
A: If he had been on time, he wouldn't have missed any of the dishes.
B: Yes, and if he hadn't missed the bus, he would have been on time.

A: Were Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins prepared for their vacation?
B: They thought they had prepared very well, but they had a problem.
A: Why? What happened?
B: They had packed their suitcases several days ahead of time.
A: Had they purchased traveler's check at the bank?
B: Yes. They had even asked their neighbor to water their plants.
A: So, what was the problem?
B: When they arrived at the airport, they realized they had forgotten to bring their plane tickets with them.

A: Have you heard about Wally? It's terrible news.
B: I haven't heard. What happened to Wally?
A: He lost two thousand dollars in the stock market last week.
B: Two thousand dollars? That's a lot of cash.
A: Yes. He invested in stocks, and he had never invested in anything before.
B: Well, I hope next time, he'll consult a financial advisor before he blows his nest egg.

Note: "To blow one's nest egg" = "To squander one's life savings"

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