Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grammartalk 13, Page Two, Past Perfect Tense Continued

A: Have you heard about Mildred? I don't like to gossip, but her story is too crazy.
B: I haven't heard a thing. I haven't spoken with Mildred for quite some time.
A: Her wedding was supposed to be two weeks ago.
B: Really? I had no idea she was getting married.
A: That's just it. The groom didn't even show up.
B: The groom didn't show up for the wedding? He abandoned her at the church?
A: Yes, and later she found out he had left town without telling a soul.

A: The groom must have gotten cold feet. That's why he checked out.
B: His neighbors and friends were worried about him because they didn't know where he had gone.
A: Did they call the police?
B: Yes, they did. And the police searched everywhere for the groom.
A: The people in the town must have been very upset as well as the jilted bride.
B: Yes, because nobody had ever done anything like that before.

A: Jack Byars was very happy yesterday because he got out of jail.
B: I know. How long had he been in the slammer?
A: He had been locked up for ten years. He did a lot of things he hadn't done in ten years.
B: Like what?
A: He visited his friends. He hadn't visited them in ten years.
B: He drove his motorcycle, too. He hadn't driven it in ten years.
A: How did you know?
B: I heard his motorcycle on the street. It has a distinctive sound.

A: He also went bowling. He hadn't gone bowling in ten years.
B: I understand he's a great bowler. He was a professional before he was arrested.
A: That's true. But he was rusty because he hadn't had a chance to practice.
B: Did he see his old girlfriend, Thelma?
A: No. He didn't see her because she had left town with another guy.
B: That must have been tough for Jack.
A: Yes. By the time he decided to propose to her, she had already gotten married.

A: Why did you wash your car yesterday?
B: Because, I hadn't washed it for a whole month. It was really dirty.
A: Why did Harry go to the movie theater and see four different movies?
B: Because he hadn't seen a movie in several months. He was starved for entertainment. A: Why did Martha Stewart spend all day in the garden yesterday?
B: Because, she hadn't done any gardening in two years. Her garden was full of weeds.

A: I heard that your brother was in a car accident yesterday. Is it true?
B: Yes, it is. And it's really surprising. He had never been in a car accident before.
A: I heard that your twin sisters both got rave reviews for their show. Is it true?
B: Yes, it is. And it's really fantastic. They had never performed in front of an audience before.
A: I heard that you went out with Jennifer last weekend. Is that just a rumor?
B: No, it's true. And it was really wonderful. I had never gone out with such a sweet woman before.

Language notes:

"Without telling a soul"= "Without telling anybody"
"to jilt" = "to reject, abandon"
"weeds" = "unwanted plants"
"gossip" = "talk about someone else, pass rumors"
"rusty" = "out of practice"
"slammer" = slang for "jail, prison"

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