Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grammartalk 18, Page 1, Third Conditional; Past, Unreal

"Entrance to The Harbour" Claude Monet, 1867

A: Why wasn't Sally on time for work this morning?
B: Her alarm clock didn't ring. If her alarm clock had rung, she would have been on time for work.
A: She didn't watch the president's speech on TV last night either. I wonder why.
B: Her TV wasn't working. If her TV had been working, she would have watched the president's speech.
A: Why didn't you invite her over to your house to watch the speech? Your TV works, doesn't it?
B: I forgot her phone number. If I hadn't forgotten her number, I certainly would have called her and invited her to watch the speech with me.

A: Why didn't Harry stop at that traffic light? That was a very careless mistake.
B: He wasn't looking. If he had been looking, he wouldn't have driven through that red light.
A: But when he drove through the red light, you didn't say anything. How come?
B: Harry doesn't like criticism. If he were more open to criticism, I would have said something to him about his driving.
A: Didn't Harry get a ticket last year for making an illegal U-turn? Why did he make an illegal U-turn, do you know?
B: Yes. He made an illegal U-turn because he was in a hurry. If he hadn't been in a hurry, he wouldn't have made that illegal U-turn.

A: I'm really upset. I had a beautiful red orchid growing in my living room and it died.
B: That's really a shame. Perhaps you weren't taking care of it enough. If you took care of it better, it wouldn't have died.
A: That wasn't the reason. I was very careful to feed it special plant food every day.
B: Maybe your orchid had a rare disease. Orchids are very vulnerable to diseases because they're extremely delicate.
A: Yes. It must have caught a rare disease. If it hadn't caught a rare disease, It would still be alive now.
B: Right. If it had been stronger, it wouldn't have gotten sick with "orchid fever."

A: Alan and Ron both made big mistakes last week. Do you know what they did? B: I heard about Ron, but I didn't hear about Alan.
A: Alan should have told his mother he had a bad cold. If he had told her, she would have made chicken soup for him.
B: Ron wasn't prepared for his English test. If he had been prepared, he would have gotten a better grade.
A: Right. But the worst was happened to me. I didn't get paid today. If I had gotten paid, I would have taken my family out to dinner.
B: How about me? I missed my plane. If I hadn't been stuck in traffic, I would have arrived at the airport on time.

A: How was your vacation? Did you have a good time?
B: The weather wasn't warm enough. If the weather had been warmer, I would have had a much better time.
A: Sorry to hear that. Did you take warm clothes in case the weather was bad?
B: No, I didn't. If I had taken a few sweaters with me, I would have been a lot more comfortable.
A: But the hotel you stayed at was pretty expensive. Didn't they have a heated pool?
B: No, they didn't even have a heated pool. Not only that, the entertainment was awful. If that singer had been more entertaining, I would have enjoyed the vacation in spite of the weather.

A: Why didn't Jeff get the job he applied for? He was certainly qualified.
B: He didn't remember to bring his resume. If he had remembered to bring it, he would have made a better impression.
A: But forgetting his resume doesn't seem like such a bad thing. Was there something else?
B: Yes. He set off the metal detector in the office building and the security guard had to search him.
A: Oh, how unfortunate! He wouldn't have gotten searched if he hadn't set off the metal detector.
B: Right. And getting searched made him late for his appointment. He would have been on time if that hadn't happened.

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