Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grammartalk 7HB, Page 1

"Still Life with Soup Tareen" Paul Cezanne, 1877

Count Nouns, Non-Count Nouns, Partitives, Too and Enough

A: Let’s make a salad for dinner.
B: Sorry, we can’t. There isn’t enough lettuce.
A: We’d better go to the store and buy some more.
B: I want to make some spaghetti. How’s that?
A: Sorry, we can’t. There isn’t enough cheese.
B: Let’s forget dinner and just have dessert.

A: How about a nice omelette for breakfast?
B: I’m afraid we can’t. There aren’t any eggs.
A: How about pancakes. Do we have any pancake mix?
B: Yes, but I’m not hungry enough for pancakes.
A: I’ll only make a few pancakes.
B: OK, but we don’t have enough maple syrup.

A: Let’s make chicken and rice for dinner.
B: Sorry, we can’t. There isn’t enough rice.
A: I don’t feel like eating dinner anyway. I’m too tired to eat. Let’s go to bed.
B: I’m not tired enough to go to bed. I’ll just make a snack.
A: But, what can we eat? There isn’t enough food in the refrigerator.
B: Are you too exhausted to go shopping?

A: How do you like the potatoes?
B: Great. They’re good enough for seconds.
A: I’m glad you like them. Here you are.
B: That’s too many. Just give me a few.
A: But, you still have too much room on your plate.
B: I know my plate isn’t full enough, but my stomach is.

A: Henry is too angry. Why is he so upset?
B: He spent too much money at the store.
A: He didn’t get enough groceries?
B: No. He came away with only one bag.
A: Only one bag of groceries? No wonder he’s upset.
B: These days, groceries are too expensive.

A: This steak is too rare. It isn’t well enough cooked.
B: It isn’t? I’ll send it back to the kitchen.
A: These rolls are too hard. They aren’t soft enough.
B: They aren’t? I’ll send them back to the kitchen.
A: These cookies aren’t sweet enough.
B: They aren’t? I thought they were too sweet.

A: I don’t think you should buy those bananas.
B: Why not? Aren’t they ripe enough?
A: No, they aren’t ripe enough. In fact, they’re green.
B: Those apples have a nice, red color.
A: They must be ripe enough. You should buy them.
B: Look at these tomatoes. They’re too ripe. In fact, they’re rotten.

A: What do we need from the supermarket?
B: We need two loaves of bread.
A: Is that all? Just a couple of loaves of bread?
B: We could also use two bags of flour.
A: All right. How about some broccoli?
B: Yes. A couple of bunches of broccoli and a head of lettuce.

A: A pound of apples costs two dollars.
B: Two dollars for a pound of apples? That’s too much money.
A: These bunches of carrots are six dollar apiece.
B: Six dollars for a bunch of carrots? That’s crazy.
A: These jars of jam are four dollars each.
B: Four dollars for a jar of jam? Let me out of here.

A: What would you like for dessert?
B: I can’t decide. What do you recommend?
A: I recommend our delicious chocolate ice cream.
B: Is it really as delicious as everyone says?
A: Yes, it is. But our vanilla ice cream is great too.
B: I prefer chocolate. Please give me a dish of your chocolate ice cream.

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