Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grammartalk 14, Page One, Past Perfect Progressive Tense

"Crocheting in the Garden" Mary Cassatt, 1880

A: Julie found her watch while cleaning her room yesterday.
B: I'm glad. She had been looking for it all week.
A: She also did very well on her English test last week.
B: That's great. I know she had been studying for it for a long time.
A: Not only that. She's getting married next month.
B: Really? That's strange. She hasn't been going with her boyfriend very long.

A: Silvia won the San Francisco Marathon last weekend.
B: Yes, she told me. Isn't that wonderful? I know she had been training for it for months.
A: She wanted to have a party at her house to celebrate her victory.
B: Unfortunately, she had to cancel the party because her leg muscles are too sore from running the marathon.
A: I know. That's too bad. I had been looking forward to the party.
B: I had been planning to go to the party from the time I learned she was going to have one.

A: Mr. and Mrs. Thompson moved to Seattle last week.
B: That's terrible news. They had been living in this neighborhood for at least twenty years.
A: True. But Mrs. Thompson was promoted to a very high position in her company. She couldn't turn it down.
B: Right, especially since she had been working there for such a long time.
A: Yes. She had been investing a great deal of energy and time in her profession.
B: Did you have a chance to visit them before they left?
A: No. Unfortunately, by the time I went to say good bye to them, they had already moved out.

A: Larry and Jane broke off their engagement last week.
B: That's a shame. They had been going together for around three years.
A: Yes, and when they decided to get engaged, Larry had been seeing another woman.
B: My God. How did Jane find out Larry had been cheating?
A: She found a letter that Larry had been carrying in his briefcase for months.
B: She must have hit the ceiling. I would have been very upset if that had happened to me.

A: David had planned to ask his boss for a raise last week.
B: I heard that he had been preparing to ask for a raise for a long time.
A: David was a little nervous about asking for one. That's why he put it off for so long.
B: Well, what happened when David asked for the raise? Did he get it or not?
A: What David didn't know was, the boss had been reorganizing the company.
B: You mean, the boss had been planning to layoff some of the employees?
A: Exactly. And David was one of them. So, when David asked for a raise, his boss told him the bad news.
B: I can imagine David's disappointment. He had been hoping to become one of the firm's best paid employees.

A: Don! I heard you got married last weekend. Congratulations. That's great news.
B: Thanks. Actually, it's nothing new. I had been dating Julia for six years before I finally decided to propose.
A: Sorry I missed the wedding.
B: Sorry you weren't invited. We only had a small ceremony. Only relatives were invited.
A: I got a new job last week. Now, I'm an architect working for a very reputable firm.
B: That great news.
A: Yes, it is. I had been preparing for this job for a long time.

"Hit the ceiling" = "Get very upset"