Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 5, "Was, Were, Wasn't, Weren't", Page 1 - Past Tense of "be"

A: Were you in school yesterday?
B: Yes, I was.
A: I wasn’t. I was sick.
B: It was an interesting class.
A: Was Patricia in class?
B: Yes, she was.

A: Was there a handout?
B: Yes, there was.
A: What was the lesson?
B: The past tense.
A: Were there a lot of students?
B: Yes, there were.

A: It was sunny yesterday.
B: Yes, it was.
A: It was hot also.
B: My children were home.
A: It was windy in the afternoon.
B: It was very windy.

A: We were out of town.
B: Where were you? At the beach?
A: We weren’t at the beach.
B: Were you in Reno?
A: Yes, we were.
B: Was it hot there?
A: It wasn’t too hot.

A: The paint wasn’t dry.
B: Oh, that’s why.
A: My elbow was on the table.
B: I see.
A: My sleeve was blue.
B: Now, it’s green

A: The movie was bad.
B: It was?
A: It was terrible.
B: Why wasn’t it good?
A: It was just a car chase.
B: Just a car chase?

A: The movie was terrific.
B: It was?
A: It was very exciting.
B: Why?
A: I wasn’t bored for one minute.
B: What was it about?

A: A woman was lost.
B: Where was she lost?
A: She was lost in a jungle.
B: Was she hungry?
A: She was very hungry.
B: What happened then?

A: It was exciting.
B: Why?
A: She was very brave.
B: And?
A: And she was very strong.
B: So, she got out of the jungle.
A: Yes!

A: The cars weren’t attractive.
B: Were they ugly?
A: They were too old.
B: I saw another good movie.
A: What was it about?
B: It was about horses.

A: I was sad last night.
B: Why were you sad?
A: I broke up with my girlfriend.
B: Really? But you were happy.
A: We were very happy.
B: What happened?

A: She was married.
B: Married?
A: She wasn’t honest with me.
B: You didn’t know?
A: It was a secret.
B: That wasn’t fair.

A: Were you at the department store?
B: Yes, I was.
A: Was there a sale?
B: No, there wasn’t
A: The dresses weren’t on sale?
B: No, they weren’t.

A: The shoes weren’t on sale?
B: No, they weren’t.
A: Were they expensive?
B: Well, they weren’t cheap.
A: How about the blouses?
B: Some of them were on sale.

A: I liked your old apartment.
B: Yes. I did too.
A: It was nice.
B: I agree.
A: It was large.
B: The view was excellent.

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