Friday, May 27, 2011

Exchanges 1, Page 3

A: Petra is a salesperson.
B: What is her store?
A: Sears.
B: What department is she in?
A: She’s in Women’s Clothes.
B: Where is Women’s Clothes?

A: It’s on the second floor.
B: Is Petra a good salesperson?
A: She’s a very good salesperson.
B: Where is she now?
A: She’s home now.
B: That’s right. Today is her day off.

A: Where are the coffee cups?
B: In the Housewares Department.
A: Are kitchen clocks there too?
B: Yes, they are.
A: What floor is Housewares on?
B: It’s on the third floor.

A: Sylvia is at Thrift Town.
B: Is Thrift Town like the Salvation Army?
A: Yes, it is.
B: Clothes are cheaper there.
A: Yes, they are.
B: Many things are cheaper there.

A: What color is your coat?
B: It’s purple.
A: What color are your pants?
B: They’re black.
A: Are your shoes black, too?
B: Yes, they are.

A: What color are your son’s shoes?
B: They’re white tennis shoes.
A: Are his socks white?
B: They’re white and green.
A: Are your daughter’s shoes white?
B: No. They aren’t tennis shoes.

A: How much is this bread?
B: It’s $3.50 a loaf.
A: $3.50 a loaf?
B: Bread is very expensive this week.
A: That’s too much money.
B: I’m sorry.

A: How much are the tomatoes?
B: They’re 79 cents a pound.
A: How much is the cabbage?
B: It’s 99 cents for three pounds.
A: Is that a good price?
B: It isn’t bad.

A: How much is the fish?
B: It’s $4.99 a pound.
A: What kind of fish is it?
B: It’s tuna.
A: Give me one pound, please.
B: Here you are.

A: How much are the cookies?
B: They’re $4.00 a box.
A: $4.00?
B: Yes. $4.00 a box.
A: That’s too much money.
B: It’s a big box.

A: Where is the park?
B: It’s across from the post office.
A: Where’s the movie theater?
B: It’s around the corner from the gas station.
A: Where’s the bus stop?
B: It’s in front of the church.

A: Are my shirts in the closet?
B: No, they aren’t.
A: Where are they?
B: They’re in the laundry basket.
A: Are my shoes there, too?
B: No. They’re under the kitchen table.

A: How much is this dress?
B: All these dresses are $19.00.
A: Are they on sale?
B: Yes. They’re all on sale today.
A: These are beautiful dresses.
B: Yes. It’s a good sale.

A: Happy birthday, Carmen.
B: Thank you very much.
A: Are you excited today?
B: Yes. I’m very excited.
A: A lot of people are here.
B: Yes. It’s a great party.

A: How old are you today, Carmen?
B: I’m twenty one.
A: Here’s a gift for you.
B: Oh, how nice. It’s a camera.
A: Are you surprised?
B: I’m very surprised. It’s a nice camera.

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