Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exchanges 2, Page 2

A Plumber's Wrench

A: What are you trying to do?
B: Fix my sink.
A: You don’t have the right tool.
B: What tool should I use?
A: Use a plumber’s wrench.
B: I don’t have one.

A: I’ll lend you mine.
B: Thank you.
A: What are you having for lunch?
B: A sandwich.
A: I’m having a cup of coffee.
B: I’m having pie for dessert.

A: Why are you running?
B: I’m in a hurry..
A: The bus isn’t coming yet.
B: I’m out of breath.
A: The bus is coming soon.
B: Let me catch my breath.

A: Are you late for work?
B: Yes, I am.
A: I’m a little late myself.
B: Here comes the bus.
A: That’s good. We aren’t too late.
B: I’m glad the bus is coming.

A: It’s raining.
B: I don’t have an umbrella.
A: You can stand under mine.
B: It’s really raining hard.
A: It’s going to rain all day.
B: My shoes are getting very wet.

A: You’re wearing old clothes today.
B: Yes, I’m cleaning out the basement.
A: Really? Why?
B: I need an extra room.
A: Are you throwing out a lot of junk?
B: Yes. I’m also selling some of it.

A: Mary is wearing her new dress.
B: She’s going on a date.
A: Who with?
B: Robert.
A: Where are they going?
B: They’re going to a movie.

A: Olga and David are wearing their running shoes.
B: They’re going jogging.
A: Where?
B: Golden Gate Park.
A: It’s cold today.
B: They’re wearing their jackets too.

A: Where’s Patty Williams?
B: She’s in the park.
A: What’s she doing?
B: She’s reading the newspaper.
A: Is she coming home soon?
B: Yes, she is.

A: Are you cleaning your yard?
B: Yes, we are.
A: Are you using your rake?
B: No, we aren’t using it now.
A: Are you putting leaves in bags?
B: Yes, we are.

A: Is Mr. Green exercising?
B: Yes, he is. He’s overweight.
A: Where is he exercising?
B: At the health club.
A: Is his wife exercising also?
B: She’s at the health club, too.

A: Is Harry feeding his cat?
B: Yes, he is. The cat is hungry.
A: Is he feeding it tuna fish?
B: Yes, he is. His cat loves tuna.
A: Is he using the large cat dish?
B: Yes. The other one is too small.

A: Is Tom at the doctor’s today?
B: Yes, he’s getting a physical.
A: Is the doctor checking his ears?
B: The doctor is checking everything.
A: Is Tom coming to school later?
B: Yes, he’s coming at 12:30.

A: Jenny is at the laundromat.
B: What’s she doing there?
A: She’s washing her clothes.
B: Is she washing my clothes?
A: I don’t know.
B: Yes, she is. She took my load.

A: Judy is sneezing. Why?
B: She has a cold.
A: She’s also coughing a lot.
B: She isn’t going to school today.
A: She shouldn’t. She should rest.
B: She’ll be better soon.

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