Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exchanges 2, Page 3

A mother duck and 10 ducklings in Golden Gate Park.

A: Where are Mr. and Mrs. Lopez?
B: They’re in the park.
A: Are they having a picnic?
B: No, they aren’t.
A: What are they doing?
B: They’re playing tennis.

A: Where’s Dan?
B: He’s at the night club.
A: Is he serving drinks?
B: No, he isn’t a bartender.
A: What’s he doing?
B: He’s playing the piano.

A: Mr. and Mrs. Lee aren’t at the Laundromat.
B: They aren’t?
A: They aren’t washing their clothes.
B: I remember now.
A: They’re eating dinner.
B: They’re at the restaurant.

A: The ceiling is leaking.
B: It is?
A: Yes, it is. It’s leaking a lot.
B: I’m calling the roofer.
A: Good idea.
B: The roofer is busy.
A: That’s okay. It’s not raining now.

A: The children aren’t home.
B: Are they at the playground?
A: No, they aren’t.
B: Where are they?
A: They’re at school.
B: Are they staying late today?
A: Yes. They’re doing work for extra credit.

A: Judy is making a dress.
B: Is she using a sewing machine?
A: Yes, she is.
B: Tom is watching T.V.
A: Is he reading the T.V. Guide?
B: No, he isn’t.

A: We aren’t swimming today.
B: Why not?
A: The pool is closed.
B: What are you doing today?
A: We’re walking in the park.
B: Are you feeding the ducks?
A: Yes. I’m taking some bread.

A: Steve isn’t reading at the library today.
B: Why not?
A: The library is closed.
B: Is he reading at home?
A: Yes, he is.
B: No, he isn’t. He’s sleeping now.

A: You’re driving too fast.
B: I am?
A: Yes. You aren’t driving well.
B: I’m not?
A: No. You’re not stopping at stop signs.
B: Yes, I am.

A: Mary is working too much.
B: She is?
A: She’s cleaning too many rooms.
B: No, she isn’t.
A: Nobody is helping her.
B: Judy is helping her.
A: Judy is too slow.

A: Bob isn’t taking the bus.
B: Is he walking?
A: No, he isn’t.
B: How is he getting to work?
A: He’s riding his bicycle.
B: Is he enjoying that?
A: Yes. And he’s very careful.

A: What are you looking for?
B: My keys.
A: You’re looking in the wrong place.
B: Why?
A: Your keys aren’t in that drawer.
B: Where are they?
A: In your pocket.

A: What is Patty looking for?
B: Her hand bag.
A: Her boyfriend is sitting on it.
B: Are you sure?
A: Yes. See? He’s getting up now.
B: There’s the hand bag.

A: Sylvia isn’t using her washer.
B: She isn’t?
A: No. It’s broken.
B: How is she washing her clothes?
A: She’s going to the laundromat.
B: But, the laundromat is closed.

A: Jerry isn’t using the ladder.
B: He isn’t?
A: You can use it.
B: Where is the ladder?
A: It’s downstairs.
B: I’m not using this hammer.
A: Good. Jerry needs it.

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