Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 3, Page 2

A: What language do you speak?
B: I speak Spanish.
A: What kind of music do you like?
B: Popular music.
A: Does your husband speak Spanish?
B: Yes. He speaks it, also.

A: Does your wife speak English?
B: She speaks a little English.
A: Does she study English?
B: Yes. She attends a class at Mission Campus.
A: How about your children?
B: They speak English very well.

A: Do you read the paper everyday?
B: Yes, I read the Chronicle.
A: Does your brother like the paper?
B: Yes, he does.
A: When does he read it?
B: Every morning before work.

A: Do you watch TV every night?
B: Not every night.
A: Do you watch the soccer matches?
B: Yes. I like to watch them.
A: Does your sister watch baseball?
B: No. She watches cooking shows.

A: Dave likes to listen to music.
B: What kind?
A: He enjoys classical music.
B: Does he have a CD player?
A: Yes. He has a good one.
B: I need a CD player.

A: Do you understand the teacher?
B: Not always.
A: Why not?
B: He speaks too fast sometimes.
A: Do you ask questions in class?
B: Yes. I always ask questions.

A: Does Sylvia have a watch?
B: No, she doesn’t.
A: She doesn’t have a watch?
B: She doesn’t need a watch.
A: She doesn’t?
B: No. She has a cell phone with a

A: You don’t have a book.
B: No, I don’t. I need one.
A: This school has a bookstore.
B: No, it doesn’t.
A: Yes, it does have a bookstore.
B: I don’t know where it is.

A: It doesn’t rain in September.
B: It doesn’t?
A: No. It rains in November.
B: I don’t have a raincoat.
A: You don’t need one yet.
B: My neighbor needs a new roof.

A: David doesn’t need gloves.
B: He doesn’t?
A: It doesn’t get very cold in San Francisco.
B: No. You’re right. It doesn’t.
A: He needs a jacket however.
B: Oh, yes. He needs a good jacket.

A: Sara doesn’t like bananas.
B: She doesn’t? Why not?
A: She just doesn’t care for them.
B: I like bananas very much.
A: I like bananas, too.
B: Sara doesn’t like bananas?

A: Sandra doesn’t wear earrings.
B: Yes, she does.
A: No, she doesn’t. She never wears them.
B: Doesn’t she have earrings?
A: Yes. But, she doesn’t like to wear them.
B: Maybe she needs new ones.

A: Mr. and Mrs. Jones don’t watch TV.
B: Yes, they do.
A: No, they don’t.
B: Don’t they have one?
A: No. They don’t own one.
B: No. That’s right. They listen to their CD’s.

A: Steve doesn’t use his calculator.
B: He doesn’t? Why not?
A: He doesn’t need it.
B: Yes, he does.
A: No. Steve doesn’t need it.
B: Everybody needs a calculator.

A: Does Steve live in San Francisco?
B: No, he doesn’t.
A: Where does he live?
B: He lives in Daly City.
A: Does he take the bus to school?
B: Yes. He takes the Number 14.

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