Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 4, Page 2 - "Adjectives"

Is she a careful driver?

A: I like your cousin.
B: Why?
A: He’s very smart.
B: Do you know my niece?
A: No, I don’t.
B: She’s intelligent, too.

A: New cars are expensive.
B: But, used cars are cheap.
A: New cars are reliable.
B: Used cars are sometimes unreliable.
A: Small cars are convenient.
B: Large cars are hard to park.

A: I’m voting for John Black.
B: Why?
A: He’s very honest.
B: I’m voting for Susan Parker.
A: Why?
B: She’s economical.

A: I’m buying a notebook.
B: Good idea. It’s very useful.
A: I need a power saw.
B: But, is a power saw safe?
A: I’m very careful.
B: Good. Because power saws
are dangerous.

A: Joe is a careless driver.
B: He is? How do you know?
A: He’s too fast.
B: He isn’t slow enough?
A: No. And he isn’t cautious.
B: He should go to traffic school.

A: I like your new apartment.
B: You do? Why?
A: It’s very large.
B: Do you think it’s attractive?
A: Yes, the view is beautiful.
B: I feel comfortable here.

A: I like your new refrigerator.
B: Why? Is it big?
A: It’s very big and very modern.
B: I still have my old refrigerator.
A: You do? But it’s very small.
B: Do you want to buy it?

A: I still have my old rug.
B: You do? But that rug is ugly.
A: You don’t want to buy it?
B: No. Your new rug is soft.
A: My old rug is soft, too.
B: True. But I think it’s too soft.

A: I like your new computer.
B: It’s a powerful computer.
A: Do you still have your old one?
B: Yes, I do. It’s in good condition.
A: I want to buy your old one.
B: Good. You won’t be sorry.

A: This pasta recipe is easy.
B: No, it isn’t. It’s difficult.
A: It’s easy. Just boil the water.
B: It’s a complicated recipe.
A: It’s simple. Follow the directions.
B: Let’s go to a restaurant.

A: I like your new dog.
B: I like her too. She’s friendly.
A: Do you still have Fido?
B: Yes, I do. He’s angry now.
A: Why is he angry?
B: Because I have another dog.

A: Fido is upset and sad.
B: Fido is a dangerous dog, too.
A: Yes, Fido doesn’t like strangers.
B: What is your new dog’s name?
A: Fifi. Fido doesn’t like Fifi.
B: Why? Fifi is attractive and sweet.

A: Do you want Fido?
B: No, I don’t. I have a nice bird.
A: What is your bird’s name?
B: Melodia. She’s a fine singer.
A: Fido has very loud bark.
B: Melodia has a very soft sound.

A: I like your new sofa.
B: Do you?
A: Yes. It’s a very soft sofa.
B: I still have my old sofa.
A: I don’t want to buy it from you.
B: Why not? Is it too hard?

A: I like your new boyfriend.
B: Yes, he’s very handsome.
A: I like my new boyfriend, too.
B: Yes, he’s very interesting.
A: Do you still see your old boyfriend?
B: No, I don’t. He’s very angry at me.

Is he a careful driver?

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