Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 4, Page 3 - "Adjectives, Continued"

A: I think Yolanda is very talented.
B: She certainly is.
A: She sings very well.
B: Yes, she does.
A: She’s also very hard working.
B: That’s true. She isn’t lazy.

A: Mr. Lopez is generous.
B: I agree.
A: He always gives presents.
B: He’s also very polite.
A: His shoes are shiny, too.
B: Yes, he always shines them.

A: This is delicious fruitcake.
B: Yes, it’s very tasty.
A: And it’s not too sweet.
B: I want another piece.
A: Me too.
B: I like this hot coffee.

A: It’s cold today.
B: We’re having cold weather.
A: It’s raining, too.
B: The streets are wet.
A: I have a broken umbrella.
B: Let’s go inside.

A: I have a bad cold.
B: You do?
A: I have a sore throat.
B: I’m sorry to hear that.
A: I have a runny nose.
B: Here’s a Kleenex.

A: It’s very cloudy today.
B: It’s a little bit cool.
A: It isn’t sunny.
B: It was foggy this morning.
A: I like warm weather.
B: I prefer sunny days.

A: Sandra is a graceful dancer.
B: Yes, she is.
A: Her boyfriend is awkward.
B: That’s okay.
A: Why?
B: She will teach him.

A: I like your new tenant.
B: Why?
A: She’s very quiet.
B: I don’t agree.
A: You don”t?
B: No. She plays loud music.

A: That’s a pretty dress.
B: I don’t agree.
A: Do you think it’s ugly?
B: I think it’s terrible.
A: I think it really looks good.
B: It’s very old fashioned.

A: You have a healthy diet.
B: I hope so.
A: You eat fresh vegetables.
B: I like them.
A: You drink a lot of juice.
B: Would you like some?
A: Thanks.

A: Herb is very efficient.
B: Yes, he is.
A: He’s a dependable worker.
B: He works hard.
A: He’s our best employee.
B: I agree.

A: Robert, you’re tall.
B: Yes, I’m tall.
A: Last year, you were short.
B: I grew.
A: You’re also heavy.
B: I was thin last year.

A: This is a windy day.
B: It’s too windy.
A: There goes my hat.
B: Your new hat.
A: A car is driving over it.
B: Now, your hat is flat.

A: This bus is too crowded.
B: There are too many people.
A: The road is very rough.
B: I’m uncomfortable.
A: I want to get off.
B: Okay. Let’s get off.

A: This soup is too spicy.
B: Really? It tastes bland to me.
A: Bland? No.
B: Very bland. It needs--
A: It burns my tongue.
B: You’re too sensitive.

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