Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 5, Page 2 - Past of "Be", Continued

A: Was the test difficult?
B: Well, it wasn’t easy.
A: Were you nervous?
B: No, I wasn’t very nervous.
A: Were your classmates nervous?
B: No, they weren’t.

A: How was the soccer game?
B: It was interesting.
A: Were you at the game?
B: No, I wasn’t.
A: It was on TV?
B: Yes, it was.

A: I liked your old apartment.
B: It was modern.
A: The carpets weren’t dirty.
B: We were happy there.
A: The schools weren’t far away.
B: I was upset when we moved.

A: Where were you last year?
B: I was in New York.
A: Were you a student?
B: No, I wasn’t.
A: Were you with your family?
B: No. I was by myself.

A: Where were Tom and Alice?
B: They were in New York, also.
A: Were they students?
B: Yes, they were.
A: Were they married in New York?
B: No, they were married here.

A: Where were your parents born?
B: They were born in Mexico.
A: Were you born there, too?
B: Yes, I was.
A: And your brothers and sisters?
B: They weren’t born in Mexico.

A: Where were they born?
B: They were born in Texas.
A: Were they in school in Texas?
B: Yes, they were. I was, too.
A: Were you in English class?
B: Yes, we were.

A: Was that TV show interesting?
B: Yes, it was.
A: What was it about?
B: It was about exercise.
A: Was it a long program?
B: No. Just a half hour.

A: Were you a lawyer for a while?
B: Yes. I was a lawyer for a long time.
A: How long?
B: For eight years.
A: Where was your office?
B: In downtown San Francisco.

A: Do you have experience?
B: Yes, I was a mechanic for a long time.
A: How many years?
B: For fifteen years.
A: What was your salary?
B: $30,000 per year.

A: Do you have experience?
B: Yes, I was a barber for several years.
A: Who was your employer?
B: Great Cuts.
A: What were your hours?
B: From Nine to Five.

A: Were you a teacher?
B: Yes, I was.
A: For how long?
B: For six years.
A: Who was your employer?
B: City College of San Francisco.

A: Were you tired last night?
B: Yes, I was.
A: Why?
B: I was at work for ten hours.
A: That’s a long day.
B: It was very long.

A: Were you hungry?
B: I was very hungry.
A: You just ate two hamburgers.
B: I was thirsty, too.
A: Yes. You just drank two cokes.
B: I’m not hungry or thirsty now.

A: Were you angry at me?
B: No, I wasn’t.
A: I was very late yesterday.
B: That’s okay.
A: Were you waiting a long time?
B: Only a half hour.

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