Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 5, Page 3 - Past of "Be", Continued

A: My friends weren’t at my party.
B: Why not?
A: They were at a different one.
B: Which one?
A: Jack’s party.
B: Why were they there?

A: Mary was at my party.
B: Oh, good.
A: Only Mary was at my party.
B: Well, you like Mary.
A: Yes.
B: Then, it was a nice party?

A: It was a great party.
B: But, your friends weren’t there.
A: That’s okay.
B: Only two of you were there.
A: Mary was happy.
B: Jack’s party was boring.

A: Oh, it was boring?
B: Yes, it was crowded.
A: Too bad.
B: The food was terrible.
A: Really?
B: The drinks weren’t cold.

A: So, why were they at Jack’s?
B: I don’t know why.
A: Why wasn’t Mary at Jack’s?
B: Because Mary likes my parties.
A: Who else was at your party?
B: Jack.

A: Wait. Jack was at your party?
B: Yes, he was.
A: Why?
B: His party wasn’t fun.
A: But it was his party.
B: He left early.

A: Why did he leave his own party?
B: Because Mary was at mine.
A: Jack likes Mary.
B: That’s right.
A: Was that a problem?
B: Was what a problem?

A: The fact that you both like Mary.
B: No, it wasn’t.
A: It wasn’t what?
B: It wasn’t a problem.
A: Why not?
B: Mary likes me. She doesn’t like Jack.

A: Was Jack unhappy?
B: A little.
A: Why?
B: Mary didn’t dance with him.
A: Was the music good?
B: The music was excellent.

A: Mary danced with you?
B: All night.
A: What did Jack do?
B: He watched a video.
A: Was it a good video?
B: It wasn’t too bad.

A: Whose video was it?
B: Mary’s video.
A: When did you see it?
B: I saw it at Mary’s.
A: When were you at Mary’s?
B: Last night.

A: Why were you at Mary’s?
B: Mary made dinner.
A: Oh? There was a dinner party?
B: A little dinner party.
A: Who was there?
B: Just Mary and me.

A: So, your friends weren’t there.
B: No, they were at Jack’s.
A: There was a party at Jack’s?
B: Yes, another party.
A: Who was there?
B: Jack’s friends and my friends.

A: Was Jack jealous?
B: Jealous of who?
A: You.
B: Me? Why?
A: You and Mary.
B: No, Jack wasn’t very jealous.

A: Judy was at Jack’s.
B: Oh, Judy was there.
A: Jack and Judy were happy.
B: How was the food?
A: You mean, at Jack’s?
B: No, at Mary’s.
A: At Mary’s, the food was fantastic.

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