Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 6, Page 2 - Simple Past Tense Continued

A: Did Yolanda write the letter?
B: Yes. She wrote it yesterday.
A: Did she send it yet?
B: Yes, she sent it this afternoon.
A: What did she tell her sister?
B: She told her about the class.

A: What did you plant in the yard?
B: I planted roses.
A: When did you water them?
B: This morning.
A: Did you plant yellow or red ones?
B: I planted both.

A: Did you lend me ten dollars?
B: Did you forget?
A: When did you lend it to me?
B: Last week. Come on.
A: I didn’t pay you back?
B: Not yet.

A: Did you meet the new tenant?
B: Yes, I met her yesterday.
A: I helped her move in.
B: Was her furniture heavy?
A: Yes. My back is sore.
B: I didn’t have time to help.

A: I sat in E3 yesterday.
B: Did you leave your tape in the recorder?
A: Yes, I did.
B: I found it there.
A: I recorded Exchanges 6.
B: But you forgot your tape.

A: Dave has a backache.
B: How did he get it?
A: He played basketball too long.
B: Did he rest today?
A: Yes. He didn’t tell you about it?
B: No. I didn’t hear about it.

A: What did Wally do?
B: He shouted at his neighbors.
A: Why?
B: Their dog ate his flowers.
A: Did Wally get a sore throat?
B: Yes. He shouted too much.

A: Did you watch TV last night?
B: Yes, I watched too much TV.
A: Why?
B: I had a headache after watching.
A: Did you take an Aspirin?
B: I took two Tylenol.

A: Did you grow up in the country?
B: No, I didn’t.
A: Where did you grow up?
B: I grew up in the city.
A: When did your family leave the country?
B: When I was two.

A: What did the Wilsons do?
B: They worked around the house.
A: What did their daughter do?
B: She vacuumed the carpet.
A: And their son?
B: He repaired the sink.

A: Did Tom study last night?
B: No, he didn’t.
A: What did he do?
B: He went shopping at the mall.
A: What did he buy?
B: He bought new shoes.

A: Did Sylvia get up early?
B: No, she got up late.
A: How come?
B: She overslept.
A: When did she get to work
B: Around 10:30.

A: Did her boss fire her?
B: No, but he was a little angry.
A: What did he say?
B: He told her to get an alarm clock.
A: And did she find one?
B: Yes. With a loud alarm.

A: What books did you borrow?
B: I borrowed novels.
A: Did you read them?
B: Yes. They were short novels.
A: Did you return them?
B: Not yet.

A: What did you eat for lunch?
B: I ate a pizza.
A: Was it tasty?
B: Very.
A: Did you finish it?
B: No, I didn’t. Here it is. Want some?

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