Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 6, Page 3 - Simple Past Tense Continued

New York City

A: Did you go on a trip last summer?
B: Yes, we did.
A: Where did you go?
B: We went to New York.
A: Did you travel by plane?
B: No, we drove our car.

A: Did it take very long?
B: Yes. It took five days.
A: Did you stay at campgrounds?
B: No, we didn’t.
A: Oh, so you stayed at motels.
B: That’s right.

A: Did you have good weather?
B: It was beautiful.
A: It didn’t rain?
B: It rained a couple of times.
A: Oh, but you had umbrellas.
B: And raincoats.

A: Did you have expensive food?
B: No, we ate at cheap restaurants.
A: Did you have an upset stomach?
B: Once or twice.
A: What did you take for it?
B: Pepto Bismol.

A: Did you speak English?
B: Of course.
A: Did everybody understand you?
B: Some people asked me to repeat.
A: Did you ask them to repeat?
B: Excuse me. Could you repeat that?

A: Did you take photos?
B: Yes, we took about fifty.
A: Fifty photos?
B: We took pictures of New York.
A: Did you take pictures of other places?
B: We took pictures of each other.

A: What about souvenirs?
B: No, no souvenirs.
A: How come?
B: I hated the souvenirs.
A: How come?
B: Only tourists bought them.

A: Did you swim in the Atlantic?
B: No, we didn’t.
A: You didn’t? Why not?
B: There were too many sharks.
A: What did you do instead?
B: We went fishing.

A: Did you see the Statue of Liberty?
B: No, we didn’t.
A: You didn’t? Why not?
B: We were too busy.
A: What did you see?
B: We saw all of our relatives.

A: How did you get around the city?
B: We traveled by subway.
A: Was it crowded?
B: It was crowded at rush hour.
A: Did you take the taxi?
B: No. Too expensive.

A: I didn’t receive a post card.
B: We sent you one.
A: Why didn’t I receive it?
B: Maybe we had the wrong address.
A: That’s possible. I moved.
B: You didn’t tell us.

A: What did write about?
B: We wrote about New York.
A: Was it a picture post card?
B: Yes. Central Park.
A: Did you go there?
B: Yes, we had a picnic there.

A: Did you meet a lot New Yorkers?
B: Yes, we did.
A: Were they nice?
B: Nice but very busy.
A: No time to talk?
B: Excuse me. I’m late for work.

A: Did you drive home?
B: No, we came home by plane.
A: What did you do with the car?
B: We sold the car.
A: Who bought it?
B: My cousin bought it.

A: Did you enjoy your trip?
B: We enjoyed it very much.
A: What did you enjoy most?
B: The shows.
A: Oh, you went to shows?
B: We saw two musicals.

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