Monday, May 30, 2011

Exchanges 7, Page 1 - Modal + Base Form

A: What’ll you name the baby?
B: We might name her Mary.
A: That’s a nice name.
B: We might name her Judy.
A: That’s a nice name, too.
B: We really can’t decide.

A: Where will you go for vacation?
B: We might go to Paris.
A: That’s a great city.
B: Or we might go to Canada.
A: That’s a great country.
B: We really can’’t decide.

A: What’s your son going to do after high school?
B: He might be a plumber.
A: That’s a good job.
B: He might be an electrician.
A: That’s a good field, too.
B: He really can’t decide.

A: Where’s Maria?
B: She’s not here.
A: She’s always here.
B: She must be sick.
A: She’s not sick. She’s never sick.
B: Then, she must be stuck in traffic.

A: Can Tom go out to lunch?
B: No, he can’t.
A: Why can’t he go to lunch?
B: He must go to the doctor.
A: The doctor? Is he sick?
B: No. He must get a physical.

A: We’ll rent a car.
B: Is it expensive?
A: No, because we’ll share the cost.
B: Good idea.
A: We’ll each pay half.
B: We can use my credit card.

A: Why can’t Julie finish the kitchen?
B: She must stop work at five.
A: When can she finish it?
B: She can finish it tomorrow.
A: How long can she work?
B: She can work eight hours tomorrow.

A: I’ll call you.
B: When will you call me?
A: When I arrive in the city.
B: I’ll wait for your call.
A: I won’t be at the bus station.
B: Why not?

A: I won’t take the bus.
B: How will you get here?
A: I’ll come by train.
B: You’ll be at the train station.
A: Yes.
B: I’ll meet you there.

A: Will I meet your family?
B: No. They won’t be here this week.
A: When can I meet them?
B: Next week.
A: I can’t meet them next week.
B: Why not?
A: I must be in New York next week.

A: Can you help me?
B: Sure, I can.
A: Can you help me lift this car?
B: No, I can’t lift it.
A: Why not?
B: It’s much too heavy.

A: Can you help me push it?
B: Sure. I can push it.
A: Can you push it uphill?
B: No way. I can’t push it uphill.
A: I must push it uphill.
B: You need a tow truck.

A: I can’t find the hospital.
B: Why not?
A: I don’t know the city.
B: You can borrow my map.
A: Thanks.
B: You can see it right here.

A: I can’t meet you tomorrow.
B: Why not?
A: I have an appointment.
B: Can you meet me on Tuesday?
A: Not sure.I might have to work.
B: I’ll call you tonight.

A: Can’t you find your keys?
B: No, I can’t.
A: I can lend you mine.
B: Thank you.
A: Can you return them tomorrow?
B: Sure, I can.

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