Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exchanges 7, Page 2

Frederick Carl Frieseke, "On The River", 1909

A: I can play soccer.
B: I know you can. You’re good.
A: I can take Jose’s place.
B: But, Jose is very fast.
A: I can be as fast as Jose.
B: Can you kick far?

A: I can kick the ball very far.
B: You couldn’t play last week.
A: No, I couldn’t.
B: Can you play this Saturday?
A: Yes, I can play all day.
B: Jose can’t play this Saturday.

A: Will the soup be ready soon?
B: Yes. In a few minutes.
A: I’m starved.
B: Would you set the table please?
A: Okay.
B: That would help.

A: Will you be on time tomorrow?
B: Yes, I’m sure I will.
A: Will your brother be here?
B: I won’t know until tonight.
A: When will you call me?
B: I’ll call you at eight.

A: I can fix American cars.
B: Can you fix foreign cars, too?
A: Yes, all makes.
B: Can you work every day?
A: Except Sunday.
B: Good. I can use a mechanic.

A: Will Jose marry Patricia?
B: He might marry her.
A: Or, he might not marry her.
B: Will she attend college next year?
A: I’m sure she will.
B: She might meet a different guy.

A: Will Jose wear his new shirt today?
B: No, he won’t wear it.
A: Why won’t he wear it?
B: He can’t find it.
A: It’s in the bottom drawer.
B: Oh.

A: Will Jose and Patty get married?
B: They probably will.
A: Maybe they won’t.
B: They’ll attend college first.
A: When will they graduate?
B: In four years.

A: Will it be cold tomorrow?
B: Yes, it will.
A: Will you go to the park?
B: Probably not.
A: I won’t go there either.
B: I’ll stay home and clean house.

A: Tom shouldn’t go out.
B: Why shouldn’t he go out?
A: He should rest in bed.
B: Is he sick?
A: Yes. He should drink liquids.
B: He should stay warm.

A: You should plant more flowers.
B: No, I should plant vegetables.
A: Flowers are prettier.
B: But you can’t eat flowers.
A: You can buy vegetables.
B: Why? Garden vegetables are fresher.

A: You should go out with Mary.
B: I don’t like Mary.
A: Who will you go out with?
B: I’ll go out with Judy.
A: Do you like Judy?
B: Yes, I do. She’s wonderful.

A: Should I study French?
B: Are you going to France?
A: Yes, I am.
B: Then, you should learn French.
A: Is it difficult?
B: Not if you practice.

A: Sam must leave early.
B: Why?
A: He must be at work at 1:00 pm.
B: Must he take the bus?
A: Yes. his work is in Daly City.
B: He must be on time.
A: Right. He must not be late.

A: Susan isn’t here.
B: She must be sick.
A: She might be waiting for the bus.
B: She might call soon.
A: I hope that she calls.
B: I’m a little worried about her.

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