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Exchanges 7, Page 1 - Modal + Base Form

A: What’ll you name the baby?
B: We might name her Mary.
A: That’s a nice name.
B: We might name her Judy.
A: That’s a nice name, too.
B: We really can’t decide.

A: Where will you go for vacation?
B: We might go to Paris.
A: That’s a great city.
B: Or we might go to Canada.
A: That’s a great country.
B: We really can’’t decide.

A: What’s your son going to do after high school?
B: He might be a plumber.
A: That’s a good job.
B: He might be an electrician.
A: That’s a good field, too.
B: He really can’t decide.

A: Where’s Maria?
B: She’s not here.
A: She’s always here.
B: She must be sick.
A: She’s not sick. She’s never sick.
B: Then, she must be stuck in traffic.

A: Can Tom go out to lunch?
B: No, he can’t.
A: Why can’t he go to lunch?
B: He must go to the doctor.
A: The doctor? Is he sick?
B: No. He must get a physical.

A: We’ll rent a car.
B: Is it expensive?
A: No, because we’ll share the cost.
B: Good idea.
A: We’ll each pay half.
B: We can use my credit card.

A: Why can’t Julie finish the kitchen?
B: She must stop work at five.
A: When can she finish it?
B: She can finish it tomorrow.
A: How long can she work?
B: She can work eight hours tomorrow.

A: I’ll call you.
B: When will you call me?
A: When I arrive in the city.
B: I’ll wait for your call.
A: I won’t be at the bus station.
B: Why not?

A: I won’t take the bus.
B: How will you get here?
A: I’ll come by train.
B: You’ll be at the train station.
A: Yes.
B: I’ll meet you there.

A: Will I meet your family?
B: No. They won’t be here this week.
A: When can I meet them?
B: Next week.
A: I can’t meet them next week.
B: Why not?
A: I must be in New York next week.

A: Can you help me?
B: Sure, I can.
A: Can you help me lift this car?
B: No, I can’t lift it.
A: Why not?
B: It’s much too heavy.

A: Can you help me push it?
B: Sure. I can push it.
A: Can you push it uphill?
B: No way. I can’t push it uphill.
A: I must push it uphill.
B: You need a tow truck.

A: I can’t find the hospital.
B: Why not?
A: I don’t know the city.
B: You can borrow my map.
A: Thanks.
B: You can see it right here.

A: I can’t meet you tomorrow.
B: Why not?
A: I have an appointment.
B: Can you meet me on Tuesday?
A: Not sure.I might have to work.
B: I’ll call you tonight.

A: Can’t you find your keys?
B: No, I can’t.
A: I can lend you mine.
B: Thank you.
A: Can you return them tomorrow?
B: Sure, I can.

Exchanges 6, Page 3 - Simple Past Tense Continued

New York City

A: Did you go on a trip last summer?
B: Yes, we did.
A: Where did you go?
B: We went to New York.
A: Did you travel by plane?
B: No, we drove our car.

A: Did it take very long?
B: Yes. It took five days.
A: Did you stay at campgrounds?
B: No, we didn’t.
A: Oh, so you stayed at motels.
B: That’s right.

A: Did you have good weather?
B: It was beautiful.
A: It didn’t rain?
B: It rained a couple of times.
A: Oh, but you had umbrellas.
B: And raincoats.

A: Did you have expensive food?
B: No, we ate at cheap restaurants.
A: Did you have an upset stomach?
B: Once or twice.
A: What did you take for it?
B: Pepto Bismol.

A: Did you speak English?
B: Of course.
A: Did everybody understand you?
B: Some people asked me to repeat.
A: Did you ask them to repeat?
B: Excuse me. Could you repeat that?

A: Did you take photos?
B: Yes, we took about fifty.
A: Fifty photos?
B: We took pictures of New York.
A: Did you take pictures of other places?
B: We took pictures of each other.

A: What about souvenirs?
B: No, no souvenirs.
A: How come?
B: I hated the souvenirs.
A: How come?
B: Only tourists bought them.

A: Did you swim in the Atlantic?
B: No, we didn’t.
A: You didn’t? Why not?
B: There were too many sharks.
A: What did you do instead?
B: We went fishing.

A: Did you see the Statue of Liberty?
B: No, we didn’t.
A: You didn’t? Why not?
B: We were too busy.
A: What did you see?
B: We saw all of our relatives.

A: How did you get around the city?
B: We traveled by subway.
A: Was it crowded?
B: It was crowded at rush hour.
A: Did you take the taxi?
B: No. Too expensive.

A: I didn’t receive a post card.
B: We sent you one.
A: Why didn’t I receive it?
B: Maybe we had the wrong address.
A: That’s possible. I moved.
B: You didn’t tell us.

A: What did write about?
B: We wrote about New York.
A: Was it a picture post card?
B: Yes. Central Park.
A: Did you go there?
B: Yes, we had a picnic there.

A: Did you meet a lot New Yorkers?
B: Yes, we did.
A: Were they nice?
B: Nice but very busy.
A: No time to talk?
B: Excuse me. I’m late for work.

A: Did you drive home?
B: No, we came home by plane.
A: What did you do with the car?
B: We sold the car.
A: Who bought it?
B: My cousin bought it.

A: Did you enjoy your trip?
B: We enjoyed it very much.
A: What did you enjoy most?
B: The shows.
A: Oh, you went to shows?
B: We saw two musicals.

Exchanges 6, Page 1

Exchanges 6, Page 2

Exchanges 6, Page 2 - Simple Past Tense Continued

A: Did Yolanda write the letter?
B: Yes. She wrote it yesterday.
A: Did she send it yet?
B: Yes, she sent it this afternoon.
A: What did she tell her sister?
B: She told her about the class.

A: What did you plant in the yard?
B: I planted roses.
A: When did you water them?
B: This morning.
A: Did you plant yellow or red ones?
B: I planted both.

A: Did you lend me ten dollars?
B: Did you forget?
A: When did you lend it to me?
B: Last week. Come on.
A: I didn’t pay you back?
B: Not yet.

A: Did you meet the new tenant?
B: Yes, I met her yesterday.
A: I helped her move in.
B: Was her furniture heavy?
A: Yes. My back is sore.
B: I didn’t have time to help.

A: I sat in E3 yesterday.
B: Did you leave your tape in the recorder?
A: Yes, I did.
B: I found it there.
A: I recorded Exchanges 6.
B: But you forgot your tape.

A: Dave has a backache.
B: How did he get it?
A: He played basketball too long.
B: Did he rest today?
A: Yes. He didn’t tell you about it?
B: No. I didn’t hear about it.

A: What did Wally do?
B: He shouted at his neighbors.
A: Why?
B: Their dog ate his flowers.
A: Did Wally get a sore throat?
B: Yes. He shouted too much.

A: Did you watch TV last night?
B: Yes, I watched too much TV.
A: Why?
B: I had a headache after watching.
A: Did you take an Aspirin?
B: I took two Tylenol.

A: Did you grow up in the country?
B: No, I didn’t.
A: Where did you grow up?
B: I grew up in the city.
A: When did your family leave the country?
B: When I was two.

A: What did the Wilsons do?
B: They worked around the house.
A: What did their daughter do?
B: She vacuumed the carpet.
A: And their son?
B: He repaired the sink.

A: Did Tom study last night?
B: No, he didn’t.
A: What did he do?
B: He went shopping at the mall.
A: What did he buy?
B: He bought new shoes.

A: Did Sylvia get up early?
B: No, she got up late.
A: How come?
B: She overslept.
A: When did she get to work
B: Around 10:30.

A: Did her boss fire her?
B: No, but he was a little angry.
A: What did he say?
B: He told her to get an alarm clock.
A: And did she find one?
B: Yes. With a loud alarm.

A: What books did you borrow?
B: I borrowed novels.
A: Did you read them?
B: Yes. They were short novels.
A: Did you return them?
B: Not yet.

A: What did you eat for lunch?
B: I ate a pizza.
A: Was it tasty?
B: Very.
A: Did you finish it?
B: No, I didn’t. Here it is. Want some?

Exchanges 6, Page 1

Exchanges 6, Page 3

Exchanges 6, Page 1 - Simple Past Tense

A: Did you go to the park?
B: Yes, we did.
A: What did you do there?
B: We played baseball.
A: Did you win the game?
B: No, we didn’t. But we had fun.

A: What did you do yesterday?
B: We went to the parade.
A: Did you see the dancers?
B: Yes, there were many dancers.
A: Did you listen to music?
B: Yes, we listened to fine music.

A: Did you lose your keys?
B: Yes, I did.
A: Were they on the table?
B: Yes, they were.
A: Are these your keys?
B: Yes, they are. Thank you.

A: Why did you do that?
B: What?
A: You hit my car.
B: No, I didn’t.
A: Yes, you did.
B: I didn’t hit your car.

A: Who did?
B: I don’t know who hit your car.
A: I didn’t hit my own car.
B: Maybe somebody else hit it.
A: It wasn’t you?
B: It wasn’t me.

A: You weren’t careful.
B: I wasn’t?
A: I saw you.
B: You didn’t see me.
A: Yes, I did. When you backed up.
B: What did I do?

A: You hit my car.
B: When I backed up?
A: Yes.
B: Let me see it. Oh, it’s a small dent.
A: You dented my fender.
B: Okay, but I didn’t dent it much.

A: Did you hear about the fire?
B: I didn’t read the paper.
A: There was a fire yesterday.
B: Did anybody get hurt?
A: No, fortunately.
B: Where was the fire?

A: It was at 789 Bryant Street.
B: Did the firemen come quickly?
A: They came very quickly.
B: Did they rescue the people?
A: They rescued everybody.
B: I didn’t know about it.

A: Jane didn’t clean her room.
B: She didn’t?
A: No. She didn’t do the dishes.
B: No?
A: No. She didn’t wash her clothes.
B: She was probably tired.

A: The teacher didn’t talk today.
B: He didn’t? Why?
A: He lost his voice.
B: He lost his voice?
A: He sang too much last night.
B: I hope he feels better soon.

A: The bus didn’t come today.
B: It didn’t?
A: No. It broke down at 9th Street.
B: Why did it break down?
A: I don’t know why.
B: It came on time yesterday.

A: I didn’t buy the book.
B: Why not?
A: I didn’t have the money.
B: Did you find the bookstore?
A: Yes, I found it on the first floor.
B: Did you ask for a used book?

A: I didn’t ask for one.
B: They have used books.
A: Okay.
B: Alex didn’t buy a book, either.
A: I didn’t see Alex at the bookstore.
B: Maria bought one.

A: The teacher taught us the verbs.
B: What verbs?
A: He taught the past tense.
B: Did he teach the present tense?
A: Yes, he did.
B: I missed class yesterday.

Exchanges 6, Page 2

Exchanges 6, Page 3

Exchanges 3, Page 3

A: Does Sara go to school?
B: No, she doesn’t.
A: Why not? She’s a teenager.
B: But, she doesn’t go to school.
A: Does she have a job?
B: No. She takes care of her baby brother.

A: Does Mary eat breakfast?
B: No, she doesn’t.
A: Why not?
B: She never has time for it.
A: She doesn’t have time for it?
B: No. She has to be at work early.

A: The children don’t wear jackets.
B: They don’t wear jackets?
A: No, they don’t like their jackets.
B: Why not?
A: They like to wear sweaters.
B: But sweaters aren’t warm enough in the winter.

A: I like this apartment.
B: Thank you.
A: I like the view.
B: It’s a nice view of the city.
A: I don’t like the kitchen.
B: Why don’t you like it?
A: It’s too small.

A: My wife doesn’t like the kitchen.
B: Why not?
A: She doesn’t care for the cabinets.
B: She doesn’t?
A: She thinks the color is ugly.
B: It’s an attractive color.

A: Do you like chicken?
B: I love chicken.
A: Do you want chicken for dinner?
B: Yes, I do. Good idea.
A: Does your friend like it too?
B: I’m sure he does.

A: Do your friends like spaghetti?
B: No, they don’t.
A: I have a lot of spaghetti.
B: They hate spaghetti.
A: I like spaghetti a lot.
B: Now, you have a lot of it.
A: Please, help me eat it.

A: My husband doesn’t like the car.
B: Why not?
A: He thinks it’s too small.
B: He doesn’t like small cars?
A: No. He likes large cars.
B: Sorry, we can’t help you.

A: Carlos, watch out.
B: Does Carlos hear you?
A: No, he doesn’t.
B: Does Carlos see the car?
A: No, he doesn’t.
B: Carlos, watch out!

A: Does your right leg hurt?
B: Yes, it does.
A: Do your knees hurt, too?
B: Yes, they do.
A: Does your ankle hurt here?
B: Ouch!

A: How do you like the sweater?
B: It doesn’t fit.
A: Do you want a larger size?
B: Yes. Do you have one?
A: I have two large blue ones.
B: That’s fine. I like blue.

A: Do you like fish?
B: Yes, I do.
A: Do you eat it regularly?
B: Yes, I eat fish on Monday and Friday.
A: What do you eat it with?
B: A lot of vegetables.

A: Do you want ice cream or cake?
B: I like ice cream and cake.
A: Do you want both?
B: Yes, I want ice cream and cake.
A: Do you want cabbage?
B: No, I don’t want cabbage.

A: How often do you cook?
B: Every other day.
A: Do you use a lot of garlic?
B: I don’t use too much garlic.
A: When do you use it?
B: I use garlic and onion for flavor.

A: What do you use to write with?
B: I use this red pencil.
A: Do you use it to take tests?
B: I use it to write exercises, too.
A: I need a pencil.
B: Ask the teacher.

Exchanges 5, Page 3 - Past of "Be", Continued

A: My friends weren’t at my party.
B: Why not?
A: They were at a different one.
B: Which one?
A: Jack’s party.
B: Why were they there?

A: Mary was at my party.
B: Oh, good.
A: Only Mary was at my party.
B: Well, you like Mary.
A: Yes.
B: Then, it was a nice party?

A: It was a great party.
B: But, your friends weren’t there.
A: That’s okay.
B: Only two of you were there.
A: Mary was happy.
B: Jack’s party was boring.

A: Oh, it was boring?
B: Yes, it was crowded.
A: Too bad.
B: The food was terrible.
A: Really?
B: The drinks weren’t cold.

A: So, why were they at Jack’s?
B: I don’t know why.
A: Why wasn’t Mary at Jack’s?
B: Because Mary likes my parties.
A: Who else was at your party?
B: Jack.

A: Wait. Jack was at your party?
B: Yes, he was.
A: Why?
B: His party wasn’t fun.
A: But it was his party.
B: He left early.

A: Why did he leave his own party?
B: Because Mary was at mine.
A: Jack likes Mary.
B: That’s right.
A: Was that a problem?
B: Was what a problem?

A: The fact that you both like Mary.
B: No, it wasn’t.
A: It wasn’t what?
B: It wasn’t a problem.
A: Why not?
B: Mary likes me. She doesn’t like Jack.

A: Was Jack unhappy?
B: A little.
A: Why?
B: Mary didn’t dance with him.
A: Was the music good?
B: The music was excellent.

A: Mary danced with you?
B: All night.
A: What did Jack do?
B: He watched a video.
A: Was it a good video?
B: It wasn’t too bad.

A: Whose video was it?
B: Mary’s video.
A: When did you see it?
B: I saw it at Mary’s.
A: When were you at Mary’s?
B: Last night.

A: Why were you at Mary’s?
B: Mary made dinner.
A: Oh? There was a dinner party?
B: A little dinner party.
A: Who was there?
B: Just Mary and me.

A: So, your friends weren’t there.
B: No, they were at Jack’s.
A: There was a party at Jack’s?
B: Yes, another party.
A: Who was there?
B: Jack’s friends and my friends.

A: Was Jack jealous?
B: Jealous of who?
A: You.
B: Me? Why?
A: You and Mary.
B: No, Jack wasn’t very jealous.

A: Judy was at Jack’s.
B: Oh, Judy was there.
A: Jack and Judy were happy.
B: How was the food?
A: You mean, at Jack’s?
B: No, at Mary’s.
A: At Mary’s, the food was fantastic.

Exchanges 5, Page 2 - Past of "Be", Continued

A: Was the test difficult?
B: Well, it wasn’t easy.
A: Were you nervous?
B: No, I wasn’t very nervous.
A: Were your classmates nervous?
B: No, they weren’t.

A: How was the soccer game?
B: It was interesting.
A: Were you at the game?
B: No, I wasn’t.
A: It was on TV?
B: Yes, it was.

A: I liked your old apartment.
B: It was modern.
A: The carpets weren’t dirty.
B: We were happy there.
A: The schools weren’t far away.
B: I was upset when we moved.

A: Where were you last year?
B: I was in New York.
A: Were you a student?
B: No, I wasn’t.
A: Were you with your family?
B: No. I was by myself.

A: Where were Tom and Alice?
B: They were in New York, also.
A: Were they students?
B: Yes, they were.
A: Were they married in New York?
B: No, they were married here.

A: Where were your parents born?
B: They were born in Mexico.
A: Were you born there, too?
B: Yes, I was.
A: And your brothers and sisters?
B: They weren’t born in Mexico.

A: Where were they born?
B: They were born in Texas.
A: Were they in school in Texas?
B: Yes, they were. I was, too.
A: Were you in English class?
B: Yes, we were.

A: Was that TV show interesting?
B: Yes, it was.
A: What was it about?
B: It was about exercise.
A: Was it a long program?
B: No. Just a half hour.

A: Were you a lawyer for a while?
B: Yes. I was a lawyer for a long time.
A: How long?
B: For eight years.
A: Where was your office?
B: In downtown San Francisco.

A: Do you have experience?
B: Yes, I was a mechanic for a long time.
A: How many years?
B: For fifteen years.
A: What was your salary?
B: $30,000 per year.

A: Do you have experience?
B: Yes, I was a barber for several years.
A: Who was your employer?
B: Great Cuts.
A: What were your hours?
B: From Nine to Five.

A: Were you a teacher?
B: Yes, I was.
A: For how long?
B: For six years.
A: Who was your employer?
B: City College of San Francisco.

A: Were you tired last night?
B: Yes, I was.
A: Why?
B: I was at work for ten hours.
A: That’s a long day.
B: It was very long.

A: Were you hungry?
B: I was very hungry.
A: You just ate two hamburgers.
B: I was thirsty, too.
A: Yes. You just drank two cokes.
B: I’m not hungry or thirsty now.

A: Were you angry at me?
B: No, I wasn’t.
A: I was very late yesterday.
B: That’s okay.
A: Were you waiting a long time?
B: Only a half hour.

Exchanges 5, "Was, Were, Wasn't, Weren't", Page 1 - Past Tense of "be"

A: Were you in school yesterday?
B: Yes, I was.
A: I wasn’t. I was sick.
B: It was an interesting class.
A: Was Patricia in class?
B: Yes, she was.

A: Was there a handout?
B: Yes, there was.
A: What was the lesson?
B: The past tense.
A: Were there a lot of students?
B: Yes, there were.

A: It was sunny yesterday.
B: Yes, it was.
A: It was hot also.
B: My children were home.
A: It was windy in the afternoon.
B: It was very windy.

A: We were out of town.
B: Where were you? At the beach?
A: We weren’t at the beach.
B: Were you in Reno?
A: Yes, we were.
B: Was it hot there?
A: It wasn’t too hot.

A: The paint wasn’t dry.
B: Oh, that’s why.
A: My elbow was on the table.
B: I see.
A: My sleeve was blue.
B: Now, it’s green

A: The movie was bad.
B: It was?
A: It was terrible.
B: Why wasn’t it good?
A: It was just a car chase.
B: Just a car chase?

A: The movie was terrific.
B: It was?
A: It was very exciting.
B: Why?
A: I wasn’t bored for one minute.
B: What was it about?

A: A woman was lost.
B: Where was she lost?
A: She was lost in a jungle.
B: Was she hungry?
A: She was very hungry.
B: What happened then?

A: It was exciting.
B: Why?
A: She was very brave.
B: And?
A: And she was very strong.
B: So, she got out of the jungle.
A: Yes!

A: The cars weren’t attractive.
B: Were they ugly?
A: They were too old.
B: I saw another good movie.
A: What was it about?
B: It was about horses.

A: I was sad last night.
B: Why were you sad?
A: I broke up with my girlfriend.
B: Really? But you were happy.
A: We were very happy.
B: What happened?

A: She was married.
B: Married?
A: She wasn’t honest with me.
B: You didn’t know?
A: It was a secret.
B: That wasn’t fair.

A: Were you at the department store?
B: Yes, I was.
A: Was there a sale?
B: No, there wasn’t
A: The dresses weren’t on sale?
B: No, they weren’t.

A: The shoes weren’t on sale?
B: No, they weren’t.
A: Were they expensive?
B: Well, they weren’t cheap.
A: How about the blouses?
B: Some of them were on sale.

A: I liked your old apartment.
B: Yes. I did too.
A: It was nice.
B: I agree.
A: It was large.
B: The view was excellent.

Exchanges 4, Page 3 - "Adjectives, Continued"

A: I think Yolanda is very talented.
B: She certainly is.
A: She sings very well.
B: Yes, she does.
A: She’s also very hard working.
B: That’s true. She isn’t lazy.

A: Mr. Lopez is generous.
B: I agree.
A: He always gives presents.
B: He’s also very polite.
A: His shoes are shiny, too.
B: Yes, he always shines them.

A: This is delicious fruitcake.
B: Yes, it’s very tasty.
A: And it’s not too sweet.
B: I want another piece.
A: Me too.
B: I like this hot coffee.

A: It’s cold today.
B: We’re having cold weather.
A: It’s raining, too.
B: The streets are wet.
A: I have a broken umbrella.
B: Let’s go inside.

A: I have a bad cold.
B: You do?
A: I have a sore throat.
B: I’m sorry to hear that.
A: I have a runny nose.
B: Here’s a Kleenex.

A: It’s very cloudy today.
B: It’s a little bit cool.
A: It isn’t sunny.
B: It was foggy this morning.
A: I like warm weather.
B: I prefer sunny days.

A: Sandra is a graceful dancer.
B: Yes, she is.
A: Her boyfriend is awkward.
B: That’s okay.
A: Why?
B: She will teach him.

A: I like your new tenant.
B: Why?
A: She’s very quiet.
B: I don’t agree.
A: You don”t?
B: No. She plays loud music.

A: That’s a pretty dress.
B: I don’t agree.
A: Do you think it’s ugly?
B: I think it’s terrible.
A: I think it really looks good.
B: It’s very old fashioned.

A: You have a healthy diet.
B: I hope so.
A: You eat fresh vegetables.
B: I like them.
A: You drink a lot of juice.
B: Would you like some?
A: Thanks.

A: Herb is very efficient.
B: Yes, he is.
A: He’s a dependable worker.
B: He works hard.
A: He’s our best employee.
B: I agree.

A: Robert, you’re tall.
B: Yes, I’m tall.
A: Last year, you were short.
B: I grew.
A: You’re also heavy.
B: I was thin last year.

A: This is a windy day.
B: It’s too windy.
A: There goes my hat.
B: Your new hat.
A: A car is driving over it.
B: Now, your hat is flat.

A: This bus is too crowded.
B: There are too many people.
A: The road is very rough.
B: I’m uncomfortable.
A: I want to get off.
B: Okay. Let’s get off.

A: This soup is too spicy.
B: Really? It tastes bland to me.
A: Bland? No.
B: Very bland. It needs--
A: It burns my tongue.
B: You’re too sensitive.

Exchanges 4, Page 2 - "Adjectives"

Is she a careful driver?

A: I like your cousin.
B: Why?
A: He’s very smart.
B: Do you know my niece?
A: No, I don’t.
B: She’s intelligent, too.

A: New cars are expensive.
B: But, used cars are cheap.
A: New cars are reliable.
B: Used cars are sometimes unreliable.
A: Small cars are convenient.
B: Large cars are hard to park.

A: I’m voting for John Black.
B: Why?
A: He’s very honest.
B: I’m voting for Susan Parker.
A: Why?
B: She’s economical.

A: I’m buying a notebook.
B: Good idea. It’s very useful.
A: I need a power saw.
B: But, is a power saw safe?
A: I’m very careful.
B: Good. Because power saws
are dangerous.

A: Joe is a careless driver.
B: He is? How do you know?
A: He’s too fast.
B: He isn’t slow enough?
A: No. And he isn’t cautious.
B: He should go to traffic school.

A: I like your new apartment.
B: You do? Why?
A: It’s very large.
B: Do you think it’s attractive?
A: Yes, the view is beautiful.
B: I feel comfortable here.

A: I like your new refrigerator.
B: Why? Is it big?
A: It’s very big and very modern.
B: I still have my old refrigerator.
A: You do? But it’s very small.
B: Do you want to buy it?

A: I still have my old rug.
B: You do? But that rug is ugly.
A: You don’t want to buy it?
B: No. Your new rug is soft.
A: My old rug is soft, too.
B: True. But I think it’s too soft.

A: I like your new computer.
B: It’s a powerful computer.
A: Do you still have your old one?
B: Yes, I do. It’s in good condition.
A: I want to buy your old one.
B: Good. You won’t be sorry.

A: This pasta recipe is easy.
B: No, it isn’t. It’s difficult.
A: It’s easy. Just boil the water.
B: It’s a complicated recipe.
A: It’s simple. Follow the directions.
B: Let’s go to a restaurant.

A: I like your new dog.
B: I like her too. She’s friendly.
A: Do you still have Fido?
B: Yes, I do. He’s angry now.
A: Why is he angry?
B: Because I have another dog.

A: Fido is upset and sad.
B: Fido is a dangerous dog, too.
A: Yes, Fido doesn’t like strangers.
B: What is your new dog’s name?
A: Fifi. Fido doesn’t like Fifi.
B: Why? Fifi is attractive and sweet.

A: Do you want Fido?
B: No, I don’t. I have a nice bird.
A: What is your bird’s name?
B: Melodia. She’s a fine singer.
A: Fido has very loud bark.
B: Melodia has a very soft sound.

A: I like your new sofa.
B: Do you?
A: Yes. It’s a very soft sofa.
B: I still have my old sofa.
A: I don’t want to buy it from you.
B: Why not? Is it too hard?

A: I like your new boyfriend.
B: Yes, he’s very handsome.
A: I like my new boyfriend, too.
B: Yes, he’s very interesting.
A: Do you still see your old boyfriend?
B: No, I don’t. He’s very angry at me.

Is he a careful driver?

Exchanges 4, Page 1 - "There is, There are"

A: Are there two nickels in a dime?
B: Yes, there are.
A: Are there ten pennies in a dime?
B: Yes, there are.
A: Are there quarters in a dime?
B: No, there aren’t.

A: Is there a dime in a nickel?
B: No, there isn’t.
A: Is there a quarter in a penny?
B: No, there isn’t.
A: Is there a penny in a nickel?
B: Yes. There are five pennies in a nickel.

A: Excuse me. Where is Sears?
B: Turn right on 24th Avenue.
A: Is there parking?
B: Yes. There’s a parking garage next to Sears.
A: Is it expensive?
B: It’s about two dollars an hour.

A: How many bedrooms are there?
B: There are two bedrooms.
A: Is there a nice kitchen?
B: Yes, there is.
A: Is there an oven?
B: Yes. There’s an oven in the stove.

A: Are there cabinets?
B: Yes. There are a lot of cabinets.
A: Where are they?
B: They’re under the sink and above the counters.
A: Your kitchen is very nice.
B: Thank you.

A: Are the bedrooms upstairs?
B: Yes. Both bedrooms are upstairs.
A: How many bathrooms are there?
B: There are two bathrooms.
A: Are they upstairs?
B: One is upstairs, the other is downstairs.

A: Is there a shelf?
B: Yes. There are many shelves.
A: Where are they?
B: One shelf is over a counter.
A: And the other shelves?
B: They’re behind the table.

A: Is there a garage?
B: Yes, there is.
A: Is it in the basement?
B: Yes, it is.
A: What else is in the basement?
B: There’s a laundry room and a
storage room.

A: Is there a freezer in the refrigerator?
B: Yes. There’s a very cold freezer.
A: Is there ice cream in the freezer?
B: Yes, would you like some?
A: Yes, thanks.
B: There’s frozen juice, too.

A: Is there a post office nearby?
B: There’s a post office on Main.
A: On Main Street?
B: Yes. It’s next to the bank.
A: The Bank of America?
B: That’s right.

A: Is there a laundromat nearby?
B: There’s one on Grand Avenue.
A: Is it across from the park?
B: No. It’s across from the bus station.
A: Is it open today?
B: Yes, I think so.

A: Is there a pharmacy nearby?
B: There’s one on Mission Street.
A: Is it near the Bart Station?
B: Yes, it is. It’s between 23rd and 24th Streets.
A: Is it a Walgreens?
B: Yes, it is.

A: Is there a library nearby?
B: There’s one on 24th Street.
A: Is it at the corner of Mission and 24th?
B: No. It’s at the corner of Bartlett and 24th.
A: Is it open all week?
B: Yes, but it’s open different times.

A: Is there a supermarket nearby?
B: There’s one on South Van Ness.
A: On South Van Ness?
B: Yes. It’s between 23rd and 24th Streets.
A: Is it open today?
B: Yes, it is. It’s open every day.

A: Is there a bookstore at Mission Campus?
B: Yes, there is.
A: Are there books for all levels?
B: Yes, there are.
A: Where is the bookstore?
B: It’s on the first floor as you enter.

Exchanges 3, Page 2

A: What language do you speak?
B: I speak Spanish.
A: What kind of music do you like?
B: Popular music.
A: Does your husband speak Spanish?
B: Yes. He speaks it, also.

A: Does your wife speak English?
B: She speaks a little English.
A: Does she study English?
B: Yes. She attends a class at Mission Campus.
A: How about your children?
B: They speak English very well.

A: Do you read the paper everyday?
B: Yes, I read the Chronicle.
A: Does your brother like the paper?
B: Yes, he does.
A: When does he read it?
B: Every morning before work.

A: Do you watch TV every night?
B: Not every night.
A: Do you watch the soccer matches?
B: Yes. I like to watch them.
A: Does your sister watch baseball?
B: No. She watches cooking shows.

A: Dave likes to listen to music.
B: What kind?
A: He enjoys classical music.
B: Does he have a CD player?
A: Yes. He has a good one.
B: I need a CD player.

A: Do you understand the teacher?
B: Not always.
A: Why not?
B: He speaks too fast sometimes.
A: Do you ask questions in class?
B: Yes. I always ask questions.

A: Does Sylvia have a watch?
B: No, she doesn’t.
A: She doesn’t have a watch?
B: She doesn’t need a watch.
A: She doesn’t?
B: No. She has a cell phone with a

A: You don’t have a book.
B: No, I don’t. I need one.
A: This school has a bookstore.
B: No, it doesn’t.
A: Yes, it does have a bookstore.
B: I don’t know where it is.

A: It doesn’t rain in September.
B: It doesn’t?
A: No. It rains in November.
B: I don’t have a raincoat.
A: You don’t need one yet.
B: My neighbor needs a new roof.

A: David doesn’t need gloves.
B: He doesn’t?
A: It doesn’t get very cold in San Francisco.
B: No. You’re right. It doesn’t.
A: He needs a jacket however.
B: Oh, yes. He needs a good jacket.

A: Sara doesn’t like bananas.
B: She doesn’t? Why not?
A: She just doesn’t care for them.
B: I like bananas very much.
A: I like bananas, too.
B: Sara doesn’t like bananas?

A: Sandra doesn’t wear earrings.
B: Yes, she does.
A: No, she doesn’t. She never wears them.
B: Doesn’t she have earrings?
A: Yes. But, she doesn’t like to wear them.
B: Maybe she needs new ones.

A: Mr. and Mrs. Jones don’t watch TV.
B: Yes, they do.
A: No, they don’t.
B: Don’t they have one?
A: No. They don’t own one.
B: No. That’s right. They listen to their CD’s.

A: Steve doesn’t use his calculator.
B: He doesn’t? Why not?
A: He doesn’t need it.
B: Yes, he does.
A: No. Steve doesn’t need it.
B: Everybody needs a calculator.

A: Does Steve live in San Francisco?
B: No, he doesn’t.
A: Where does he live?
B: He lives in Daly City.
A: Does he take the bus to school?
B: Yes. He takes the Number 14.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Exchanges 3, Page 1 - Present Simple Tense

A: Where do you live?
B: In San Francisco.
A: Do you live on Mission Street?
B: Yes, I do. I live at 1234 Mission.
A: Do you like San Francisco?
B: Yes, I do.

A: Do you live in San Francisco?
B: Yes, I do.
A: What street do you live on?
B: I live on Valencia Street.
A: Do you study English?
B: Yes, I do.

A: Do you work evenings?
B: No, I work days.
A: When is your day off?
B: Thursday.
A: Do you go to school at night?
B: Yes, Monday to Thursday.

A: Does Maria have kids?
B: Yes. She has two.
A: Does she work?
B: No, she doesn’t.
A: She stays home and takes care of her kids.
B: That’s right.

A: I have to go downtown.
B: Why?
A: I want to apply for a job.
B: You do? Where?
A: At Macy’s Department Store.
B: Good luck.

A: Does this bus go to Daly City?
B: No, it doesn’t.
A: Where does it go?
B: It goes downtown.
A: How do I get to Daly City?
B: Cross the street and wait for the
next Number 14.

A: I don’t want to go to Daly City.
B: Where do you want to go?
A: Downtown.
B: Oh, you’re on the wrong bus.
A: What do I do?
B: Wait at the bus stop on the other side of the street.

A: Maria really likes her kids.
B: Yes, I know them. They’re nice.
A: She doesn’t have much time.
B: They keep her busy at home.
A: Does her husband work?
B: Yes, he does.

A: When do you eat breakfast?
B: At 7:30.
A: Do you eat breakfast at home?
B: No, I don’t. I’m too lazy to cook.
A: Where do you eat breakfast?
B: At a coffee shop.

A: Do you get up early?
B: Yes, very early.
A: What time?
B: 6:30.
A: That’s early.
B: I go to bed early.

A: Does the bus come often?
B: Yes, every fifteen minutes.
A: Do you ride the bus every day?
B: Every day.
A: Is it always so slow?
B: No. It’s usually on time.

A: Do you walk to work?
B: Yes, when it’s sunny.
A: When do you take the bus?
B: When it rains.
A: You don’t have an umbrella?
B: An umbrella doesn’t protect my shoes.

A: When do you have lunch?
B: Between 12:00 and 12:30.
A: That’s not much time.
B: No. I have to eat fast.
A: Do you eat at a deli?
B: No, I bring a sandwich.

A: Do you eat fruit for lunch?
B: Yes, I eat an apple or a banana.
A: When do you make your sandwich?
B: Before I leave for work.
A: Do you use whole wheat bread?
B: Yes. How did you know?

A: Do you finish work at 5:00?
B: Yes, I do.
A: Does your wife work too?
B: Yes, she does.
A: When does she finish work?
B: She finishes at 5:00 too.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exchanges 2, Page 3

A mother duck and 10 ducklings in Golden Gate Park.

A: Where are Mr. and Mrs. Lopez?
B: They’re in the park.
A: Are they having a picnic?
B: No, they aren’t.
A: What are they doing?
B: They’re playing tennis.

A: Where’s Dan?
B: He’s at the night club.
A: Is he serving drinks?
B: No, he isn’t a bartender.
A: What’s he doing?
B: He’s playing the piano.

A: Mr. and Mrs. Lee aren’t at the Laundromat.
B: They aren’t?
A: They aren’t washing their clothes.
B: I remember now.
A: They’re eating dinner.
B: They’re at the restaurant.

A: The ceiling is leaking.
B: It is?
A: Yes, it is. It’s leaking a lot.
B: I’m calling the roofer.
A: Good idea.
B: The roofer is busy.
A: That’s okay. It’s not raining now.

A: The children aren’t home.
B: Are they at the playground?
A: No, they aren’t.
B: Where are they?
A: They’re at school.
B: Are they staying late today?
A: Yes. They’re doing work for extra credit.

A: Judy is making a dress.
B: Is she using a sewing machine?
A: Yes, she is.
B: Tom is watching T.V.
A: Is he reading the T.V. Guide?
B: No, he isn’t.

A: We aren’t swimming today.
B: Why not?
A: The pool is closed.
B: What are you doing today?
A: We’re walking in the park.
B: Are you feeding the ducks?
A: Yes. I’m taking some bread.

A: Steve isn’t reading at the library today.
B: Why not?
A: The library is closed.
B: Is he reading at home?
A: Yes, he is.
B: No, he isn’t. He’s sleeping now.

A: You’re driving too fast.
B: I am?
A: Yes. You aren’t driving well.
B: I’m not?
A: No. You’re not stopping at stop signs.
B: Yes, I am.

A: Mary is working too much.
B: She is?
A: She’s cleaning too many rooms.
B: No, she isn’t.
A: Nobody is helping her.
B: Judy is helping her.
A: Judy is too slow.

A: Bob isn’t taking the bus.
B: Is he walking?
A: No, he isn’t.
B: How is he getting to work?
A: He’s riding his bicycle.
B: Is he enjoying that?
A: Yes. And he’s very careful.

A: What are you looking for?
B: My keys.
A: You’re looking in the wrong place.
B: Why?
A: Your keys aren’t in that drawer.
B: Where are they?
A: In your pocket.

A: What is Patty looking for?
B: Her hand bag.
A: Her boyfriend is sitting on it.
B: Are you sure?
A: Yes. See? He’s getting up now.
B: There’s the hand bag.

A: Sylvia isn’t using her washer.
B: She isn’t?
A: No. It’s broken.
B: How is she washing her clothes?
A: She’s going to the laundromat.
B: But, the laundromat is closed.

A: Jerry isn’t using the ladder.
B: He isn’t?
A: You can use it.
B: Where is the ladder?
A: It’s downstairs.
B: I’m not using this hammer.
A: Good. Jerry needs it.

Exchanges 2, Page 2

A Plumber's Wrench

A: What are you trying to do?
B: Fix my sink.
A: You don’t have the right tool.
B: What tool should I use?
A: Use a plumber’s wrench.
B: I don’t have one.

A: I’ll lend you mine.
B: Thank you.
A: What are you having for lunch?
B: A sandwich.
A: I’m having a cup of coffee.
B: I’m having pie for dessert.

A: Why are you running?
B: I’m in a hurry..
A: The bus isn’t coming yet.
B: I’m out of breath.
A: The bus is coming soon.
B: Let me catch my breath.

A: Are you late for work?
B: Yes, I am.
A: I’m a little late myself.
B: Here comes the bus.
A: That’s good. We aren’t too late.
B: I’m glad the bus is coming.

A: It’s raining.
B: I don’t have an umbrella.
A: You can stand under mine.
B: It’s really raining hard.
A: It’s going to rain all day.
B: My shoes are getting very wet.

A: You’re wearing old clothes today.
B: Yes, I’m cleaning out the basement.
A: Really? Why?
B: I need an extra room.
A: Are you throwing out a lot of junk?
B: Yes. I’m also selling some of it.

A: Mary is wearing her new dress.
B: She’s going on a date.
A: Who with?
B: Robert.
A: Where are they going?
B: They’re going to a movie.

A: Olga and David are wearing their running shoes.
B: They’re going jogging.
A: Where?
B: Golden Gate Park.
A: It’s cold today.
B: They’re wearing their jackets too.

A: Where’s Patty Williams?
B: She’s in the park.
A: What’s she doing?
B: She’s reading the newspaper.
A: Is she coming home soon?
B: Yes, she is.

A: Are you cleaning your yard?
B: Yes, we are.
A: Are you using your rake?
B: No, we aren’t using it now.
A: Are you putting leaves in bags?
B: Yes, we are.

A: Is Mr. Green exercising?
B: Yes, he is. He’s overweight.
A: Where is he exercising?
B: At the health club.
A: Is his wife exercising also?
B: She’s at the health club, too.

A: Is Harry feeding his cat?
B: Yes, he is. The cat is hungry.
A: Is he feeding it tuna fish?
B: Yes, he is. His cat loves tuna.
A: Is he using the large cat dish?
B: Yes. The other one is too small.

A: Is Tom at the doctor’s today?
B: Yes, he’s getting a physical.
A: Is the doctor checking his ears?
B: The doctor is checking everything.
A: Is Tom coming to school later?
B: Yes, he’s coming at 12:30.

A: Jenny is at the laundromat.
B: What’s she doing there?
A: She’s washing her clothes.
B: Is she washing my clothes?
A: I don’t know.
B: Yes, she is. She took my load.

A: Judy is sneezing. Why?
B: She has a cold.
A: She’s also coughing a lot.
B: She isn’t going to school today.
A: She shouldn’t. She should rest.
B: She’ll be better soon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Exchanges 2, Page 1 - Present Progressive Tense

A: How are you?
B: I’m fine, thanks.
A: How’s your brother?
B: He’s fine also.
A: What are you doing today?
B: I’m going shopping.

A: What’s your brother doing?
B: He’s going to school
A: Really? What school?
B: Mission Campus.
A: What’s he studying?
B: He’s studying computers.

A: Are you buying clothes?
B: No, I’m not. I’m buying groceries.
A: Are you buying vegetables?
B: Yes, I am. I’m also buying fruit.
A: Is your brother going shopping?
B: No, he doesn’t have time.

A: When is he going shopping?
B: Tomorrow, I think.
A: Is he buying any food?
B: No. He needs clothes.
A: Where is he buying them?
B: I think he’s going to Macy’s.

A: Is tomorrow Saturday ?
B: No, it isn’t. It’s Sunday.
A: Are the stores open tomorrow?
B: The supermarket is open.
A: Is the clothing store open?
B: No, it isn’t. It’s closed tomorrow.

A: Is tomorrow a holiday?
B: Yes, it is. I don’t have to work.
A: Are you doing anything?
B: I might visit my grandmother.
A: Where does she live?
B: In Daly City.

A: How’s your grandmother?
B: She’s fine.
A: What is she doing?
B: She’s retired.
A: She’s enjoying life.
B: Yes, she likes to read a lot.

A: Is she reading now?
B: Yes. She’s reading a novel.
A: What novel?
B: I don’t remember.
A: I have several books.
B: Good.

A: Tomorrow is my day off.
B: What are you doing?
A: My friend and I are painting.
B: Painting? What are you painting?
A: We’re painting the living room.

A: What color are you painting it?
B: She wants to paint it blue.
A: How about you?
B: I don’t like blue.
A: What’s your favorite color?
B: I like white.

A: Is Monday a holiday?
B: Yes, my son doesn’t have school.
A: What are you doing?
B: We’re going to the park.
A: That sounds like fun.
B: After that, we’re having lunch together.

A: How’s your son?
B: He’s fine.
A: What’s he doing now?
B: He’s playing outside.
A: Does he like to play?
B: Yes, he does. What kid doesn’t?

A: Is he playing soccer?
B: Yes. It’s his favorite game.
A: Does he like baseball?
B: Yes, he’s learning baseball.
A: Is he learning basketball too?
B: No, he doesn’t like it.

A: Tomorrow is the twenty-second.
B: Thanks for reminding me.
A: You have an appointment.
B: That’s right. I almost forgot.
A: You’re going to the doctor.
B: Yes. I’m not going to miss it.

A: What are you trying to do?
B: Wash this window.
A: You’re not doing it right.
B: What do you mean?
A: You’re using the wrong soap.
B: Oh, you’re right. Thanks for telling me.

Exchanges 1, Page 3

A: Petra is a salesperson.
B: What is her store?
A: Sears.
B: What department is she in?
A: She’s in Women’s Clothes.
B: Where is Women’s Clothes?

A: It’s on the second floor.
B: Is Petra a good salesperson?
A: She’s a very good salesperson.
B: Where is she now?
A: She’s home now.
B: That’s right. Today is her day off.

A: Where are the coffee cups?
B: In the Housewares Department.
A: Are kitchen clocks there too?
B: Yes, they are.
A: What floor is Housewares on?
B: It’s on the third floor.

A: Sylvia is at Thrift Town.
B: Is Thrift Town like the Salvation Army?
A: Yes, it is.
B: Clothes are cheaper there.
A: Yes, they are.
B: Many things are cheaper there.

A: What color is your coat?
B: It’s purple.
A: What color are your pants?
B: They’re black.
A: Are your shoes black, too?
B: Yes, they are.

A: What color are your son’s shoes?
B: They’re white tennis shoes.
A: Are his socks white?
B: They’re white and green.
A: Are your daughter’s shoes white?
B: No. They aren’t tennis shoes.

A: How much is this bread?
B: It’s $3.50 a loaf.
A: $3.50 a loaf?
B: Bread is very expensive this week.
A: That’s too much money.
B: I’m sorry.

A: How much are the tomatoes?
B: They’re 79 cents a pound.
A: How much is the cabbage?
B: It’s 99 cents for three pounds.
A: Is that a good price?
B: It isn’t bad.

A: How much is the fish?
B: It’s $4.99 a pound.
A: What kind of fish is it?
B: It’s tuna.
A: Give me one pound, please.
B: Here you are.

A: How much are the cookies?
B: They’re $4.00 a box.
A: $4.00?
B: Yes. $4.00 a box.
A: That’s too much money.
B: It’s a big box.

A: Where is the park?
B: It’s across from the post office.
A: Where’s the movie theater?
B: It’s around the corner from the gas station.
A: Where’s the bus stop?
B: It’s in front of the church.

A: Are my shirts in the closet?
B: No, they aren’t.
A: Where are they?
B: They’re in the laundry basket.
A: Are my shoes there, too?
B: No. They’re under the kitchen table.

A: How much is this dress?
B: All these dresses are $19.00.
A: Are they on sale?
B: Yes. They’re all on sale today.
A: These are beautiful dresses.
B: Yes. It’s a good sale.

A: Happy birthday, Carmen.
B: Thank you very much.
A: Are you excited today?
B: Yes. I’m very excited.
A: A lot of people are here.
B: Yes. It’s a great party.

A: How old are you today, Carmen?
B: I’m twenty one.
A: Here’s a gift for you.
B: Oh, how nice. It’s a camera.
A: Are you surprised?
B: I’m very surprised. It’s a nice camera.

Exchanges 1, Page 2

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

A: Is that your bicycle?
B: No, it isn’t.
A: Whose bicycle is it?
B: It’s Mary’s bicycle. Why?
A: It isn’t locked.
B: You’re right. It isn’t.

A: Is this Level 3?
B: Yes, it is. Please, come in.
A: I’m Esther Lopez.
B: Is that spelled L-O-P-E-Z?
A: That’s right.
B: Your name is on my list.

A: Hello, Jerry?
B: Yes?
A: This is Sylvia.
B: Hi, Sylvia. How are you?
A: I’m fine, thanks.
B: How is your daughter?
A: She’s fine, too.

A: My daughter is in love.
B: That’s great.
A: No, it isn’t.
B: Why not? Are you unhappy?
A: Yes. I don’t know her boyfriend.
B: Is he a student?
A: No, he isn’t.

A: Is her boyfriend a teacher?
B: No, he isn’t.
A: What’s his name?
B: His name is Lefty.
A: Is his name Lefty Babbet?
B: That’s right.

A: Don’t worry. I know him.
B: Do you know Lefty?
A: He’s my friend.
B: Lefty is your friend?
A: Yes. He’s a lawyer.
B: Is he good for my daughter?
A: Yes, he is. He’s very nice.

A: Mission Campus is a good school.
B: It is?
A: Yes, it is.
B: Why?
A: The people are friendly.
B: Are the teachers interesting?

A: The Wongs are my friends.
B: Are they Chinese?
A: Yes, they are.
B: Are they from China?
A: No, they aren’t.
B: Where are they from?
A: They’re from Taiwan.

A: These are nice pictures.
B: This is my family.
A: Where are they now?
B: They’re in Brazil.
A: Who is this man?
B: He’s my brother Raul.

A: Is your family far away?
B: Yes, they are.
A: Where are they?
B: They’re in Peru.
A: Is this woman your sister?
B: Yes, she is. She’s a teacher.

A: Sally is a plumber.
B: Is Sally your girlfriend?
A: No, she isn’t.
B: Is she your sister?
A: No. she’s my wife.
B: Are you a plumber, too?
A: No, I’m not.

A: My uncle is a doctor.
B: What’s his name?
A: Sam Lewis.
B: Where is his office?
A: Downtown.
B: Is he a good doctor?
A: Yes, he is.

A: I’m not an engineer.
B: Are you happy?
A: Yes, I am.
B: What is your occupation?
A: I’m a detective.
B: That’s exciting.

A: I’m not worried.
B: You’re not?
A: No, I’m not upset.
B: But your car is gone.
A: My car isn’t here. That’s okay.
B: Where is your car?
A: It’s at my aunt’s house.

A: I’m not very late.
B: No, you aren’t.
A: I’m only five minutes late.
B: You’re ten minutes late.
A: Your watch is wrong.
B: No, it isn’t. You’re ten minutes late.

Exchanges 1, Page 1 - The Verb "be"

Playa Marsella, Nicaragua

A: What’s your name?
B: Mario Sanchez.
A: Where are you from?
B: I’m from Mexico.
A: Are you a carpenter?
B: Yes, I am.

A: Where is Sylvia from?
B: She’s from Nicaragua.
A: Is she a student in this school?
B: Yes, she is.
A: Is she in Level 3?
B: No, she isn’t. She’s in Level 2.

A: The books are here.
B: Where are they?
A: In those boxes.
B: Are they English books?
A: Yes, they are.
B: Those are large boxes.

A: Is this your notebook?
B: No, it isn’t.
A: Whose notebook is it?
B: I think it’s Roberto’s.
A: Are these your pencils?
B: No, they aren’t.

A: What’s this?
B: It’s a pencil sharpener.
A: Is this a hole punch?
B: Yes, it is.
A: What’s this?
B: It’s a stapler.

A: Are these windows clean?
B: No, they aren’t.
A: Are these floors dirty?
B: Yes, they are.
A: Is this black board new?
B: No, it isn’t.

A: Is the bookstore open?
B: No, it isn’t.
A: Yes, it is.
B: The bookstore is not open.
A: Why isn’t it open?
B: It’s closed on Monday.

A: Is this class full?
B: It’s almost full.
A: Are there any seats?
B: Yes, there are.
A: How many seats are there?
B: There are about three seats.

A: Are these your cassettes?
B: No, they aren’t.
A: They’re from that desk.
B: I think that’s Julio’s desk.
A: Then, these are his cassettes.
B: I think they are his.

A: Is that your uncle’s house?
B: Yes, it is.
A: It’s a nice house.
B: It’s an old house.
A: Are those his children?
B: Yes, they are.

A: Is this room 305?
B: No, it isn’t.
A: What room is this?
B: This is 308.
A: Where is room 305?
B: It’s across the hall.

A: Is this the second floor?
B: No, it isn’t.
A: What floor is this?
B: This is the third floor.
A: Is room 209 on the second floor?
B: Yes, it is.

A: Is this your hand bag?
B: Yes, it is. Thank you.
A: Are these Tom’s tapes?
B: Yes, they are.
A: His last name is on them.
B: His last name is Parker.

A: Is this your money?
B: Oh, my God.
A: This is a ten dollar bill.
B: Thank you very much.
A: It’s a lot of money.
B: Yes, it is.

A: Is that your sister’s car?
B: Yes, it is.
A: It’s in a tow away zone.
B: Oh, thank you. I’ll tell her.
A: Is that your car?
B: Yes, it is.
A: It’s in a bus zone.