Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Exchanges 8, Page 1 - Helping Verb + Infinitive

A:I like to cook.
B: Why?
A:I know how to cook very well..
B: What’s your best dish?
A: Lemon chicken.
B: I prefer to eat turkey.

A: I like to go fishing.
B: Why?
A: I like to catch big ones.
B: I like to go shopping.
A: I know you do.
B: How do you know?

A: You like to wear new clothes.
B: That’s true.
A: Do you want to try on my blouse?
B: Why?
A: I bought it, but it’s too small.
B: It’s a pretty blouse.

A: I can’t come to school today.
B: Why not?
A: I have to work.
B: Can your brother come?
A: No. He has to work also.
B: I’ll see you tomorrow.

A: Judy doesn’t have to wash the dishes.
B: Why not?
A: She has a dishwasher.
B: She doesn’t like to wash dishes.
A: She loves her dishwasher.
B: But, she has to sweep the floor.

A: Do you like to play soccer?
B: I like to play soccer a lot.
A: How about your son?
B: He likes to play soccer, too.
A: Let’s play soccer tomorrow.
B: Great idea. I’ll tell my son.

A: Do you want to come over?
B: What time?
A: Around seven o'clock.
B: Sure. What do you want to do?
A: I’d like to listen to music.
B: Okay.

A: Sally wants to change jobs.
B: Why?
A: She doesn’t want to work nights.
B: Jack wants to change jobs too.
A: Why?
B: He doesn’t want to work on weekends.

A: We don’t like to drive on 101.
B: I understand.
A: We hate to drive fast.
B: You have to drive fast on 101.
A: We don’t like to drive downtown.
B: Why not?
A: We don’t like to stop at red lights.

A: My wife wants me to build a fence.
B: Do you want me to help you?
A: Yes, I’d like that.
B: Sure, I’m glad to help you.
A: I don’t know how to do that.
B: I can teach you how.

A: Does your sister want to go to the party with me?
B: I don’t know.
A: You don’t?
B: You should ask her yourself.
A: I don’t want to ask her.
B: Come on. Don’t be so shy.

A: Your brother likes to dance.
B: Yes. He’s a good dancer.
A: Does he want to dance with me?
B: I don’t know. Should I ask him?
A: No, I don’t want you to ask him.
B: Are you going to ask him?

A: Steve doesn’t like to clean his room.
B: That’s too bad.
A: I always ask him to clean it.
B: Why doesn’t he do it?
A: He says he doesn’t have time.
B: I don’t believe it.

A: Judy wants to have a baby.
B: Does Jim want one, too?
A: Yes, he does.
B: Do they want a boy or a girl?
A: It doesn’t matter.
B: I hope they have one soon.

A: Sylvia can’t go to the party.
B: Why not?
A: She has to study tonight.
B: Can she go next week?
A: She doesn’t know yet.
B: She doesn’t?
A: She might have to study for another exam.

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