Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Exchanges 8, Page 2

A: I like to go swimming.
B: Why?
A: It’s good exercise.
B: I like to play cards.
A: For exercise?
B: No. For relaxation.

A: Do you have time to drink coffee?
B: No, I don’t. I’m in a hurry.
A: What do you have to do?
B: I have to see my doctor.
A: What’s wrong?
B: Nothing. I need a check up.

A: Do you need to take a break?
B: Yes, I need to get some fresh air.
A: Are you going for a walk?
B: Yes.
A: That’s a good idea.
B: I’ll be back soon.

A: Jack needs to get a haircut.
B: Yes, his mother wants him to.
A: She’s right. His hair is too long.
B: He doesn’t like to get a haircut.
A: Why not?
B: The barber sometimes cuts his ear.

A: I’m going to see a good movie.
B: What movie are you going to see?
A: I’m going to see “The Big Top.”
B: What’s it about?
A: It’s about a circus.
B: I’m going to study history.

A: We have to eat at a restaurant.
B: How come?
A: Our electricity is off.
B: Oh, no!
A: Yes.
B: I wanted to eat turkey at home.

A: We have to stay home tonight.
B: Why?
A: We have to plant our new flowers.
B: Oh, no.
A: Yes.
B: I wanted to drive in the country.

A: Jeff couldn’t see the apartment.
B: Sorry to hear that.
A: He had to work yesterday.
B: He wants to see it soon.
A: He can see it tomorrow.
B: Good.
A: Do you want to work part time?
B: No, full time.
A: Where do you want to work?
B: In a hotel.
A: Do you have any experience?
B: Yes, I do. Three years.

A: We’ll try to help you.
B: Thanks.
A: Please, fill out this form.
B: I need to ask a question.
A: Go ahead.
B: What is the average salary for this job?
A: $30,000.

A: What does a cook’s helper have to do?
B: She has to chop vegetables.
A: What else?
B: She has to clean the kitchen.
A: I forgot to clean the pots.
B: That’s okay. You’re new here.

A: I forgot to clean the floor.
B: That’s okay.
A: I forgot to wash the dishes.
B: No problem.
A: I forgot to take out the garbage.
B: Try to remember next time.

A: Do you have experience?
B: I used to be an office clerk.
A: Good.
B: I used to run errands.
A: What errands?
B: I used to deliver messages.

A: What else?
B: I had to file papers.
A: I understand.
B: I had to take phone calls.
A: Did you have to clean the office?
B: Yes, I did.

A: I’m broke.
B: So, what are you going to do?
A: I’m going to call our uncle.
B: What do you expect him to do?
A: Send me money.
B: I’m broke, too.

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